Sorry that it's rough, just wanted to get it out. Helps me to move on.

Ann was in such a rush to escape the kitchen and all of the information that Edwin had just loaded onto her, that she almost didn't notice the bedraggled man slumping his way towards the breakfast table. But before Ann could continue on her beeline out the offending room the new occupant put a steady hand on her shoulder, locking her in place a few feet away from his piercing gaze, she couldn't help but think that he was using his yellowed eyes to peer into her entire existence. After what could only have been thought of as a minor eternity, he turned away to pull in a deep, raking breath, sending short convulsions through his body. As soon as he'd regained his composure he turned back to Ann with a heavy coat of confusion on his face,

"Annie, when did you get back home?" Before allowing Ann to respond to his question, the man turned away from her and headed towards Edwin, who was still sitting at the breakfast table, with the newspaper sprawled out in front of him. The strange man sat down right next to Edwin and scooted down the bench until his leg was flushed against the other man's. He threw his arms around Edwin, pressing his cheek into Edwin's shoulder,

"Eddie, my Eddie, what have you made me for breakfast today?" Without looking up from the paper Edwin pushed Ann's untouched plate of pancakes towards the other man. His face automatically scrunched into disgust,

"Edwin, whose pancakes are those, because I am pretty sure they aren't mine." Edwin calmly folded his newspaper and pulled the other man's arms from around him before saying in response.

"Jon, please try and compose yourself, before I have to seriously damage you." The strange man, Jon, looked at Edwin in mock offense before bending over the plate of pancakes and digging in. Ann was locked in place at the doorway to the kitchen, she wasn't sure who this Jon person was, or what he was doing at the breakfast table, and she wasn't even sure if she cared to know. Before Ann could voice any of the curiosities that she was facing, Jon was standing in front of her again, this time he was brandishing his fork in front of her face in a very animated fashion.

"Annie, Annie Bannanie, you never told me when you got home. I'm a little offended that you didn't come and get me when you returned. What kind of sister doesn't come looking for her dearest brother upon her return?" Again, before Ann could respond Jon turned away from her, this time glaring at Edwin from across the room.

"And you, Edwin, evil Edwin. Why didn't you tell me of Annie's return? Have you been hoarding her all to yourself? Oh Edwin how could you?" Jon's legs suddenly gave out from under him, and he quickly slumped down onto the polished wood floor.

It was Edwin who spoke next,

"Jon get up off the floor, and stop with the dramatics, can't you see you are scaring Ann?" Jon immediately picked himself off the floor, and flashed Edwin a quick salute before turning back to Ann,

"Sorry Annie, didn't mean to scare you there, just practicing the theatrics, can't let this mini vacation make me rusty, after I've got a family to maintain, can't let the wee ones go hungry."

Ann wasn't even sure what to say in response to Jon's supposed theatrics, she was still trying to adjust to the fact that this overly eccentric man was related to her.

Jon cocked his head at Ann's apparent confusion,

"Annie, what's wrong? Can't remember your dear younger brother, the best sibling you could ever ask for."

"Honestly. Jon, right? I can't remember you. I can't remember any of this, and right now I don't think that I want to remember any of this life; it seems a lot more confusing than the one I feel asleep in. So if you don't mind I think I'm going to excuse myself now." Ann hastily walked from the room before Edwin or Jon could question her further.

Shrugging Jon went back to the kitchen table and helped himself to the cup of coffee sitting in front of Edwin,

"What's with her? Was she being serious there, or was she just trying to avoid me?" Edwin turned to Jon, lifted his mug from his brother's hand, and turned back to his paper.

"Eddie you can't be ignoring me too, I know that I didn't do anything wrong. Eddie, don't turn away from me, your only brother, you can't desert me."

"Hush, Jon I am not deserting you I am merely trying to read my paper and drink my coffee without any of your outlandish interruptions. And I have no idea what is wrong with Ann. Although I think it's probably some sort of defensive technique, you know she's trying to forget whatever happened between her and Ryan before she came back home."

"Seriously everything with that girl reverts back to that unruly man, I have no idea what she ever saw in him, and I really wish she would just let it go." Jon let out another stifling yawn before abruptly standing up and marching towards the kitchen door,

"Eddie we have to do something, she's our sister, we can't just let her rot in this awful house. I mean think about it Eddie she hasn't left this place in months. Months Eddie, that's not healthy. I think it's time for an intervention." Edwin carefully folded his newspaper, got up, and began to clear the table before turning back to Jon,

"I know that we have to do something, Jon. Everyone knows that, but we have to know what's actually wrong with her before anything can be done. So I suggest minding your own business, and dealing with your own problems for now. And I'll let you know when I need you help with Ann."

After Ann left the kitchen she found herself wondering through the house until she came across what appeared to be a rather secluded sitting area. After making sure that no one had seen her walk into the room, Ann curled up onto the pearly white couch, sinking into the plush cushions. The soft fabric of the couch embraced her tightly, comforting her until she felt the warm tears slide down her face. Ann burrowed herself further into the furniture, and eventually began to doze off, the exhaustion of the morning events finally wearing on her.

"Mommy, what are you doing sleeping in the receiving room? Mommy." Ann shifted from her curled position, stretching her legs before facing the small girl standing before her.

"Mommy, you shouldn't be sleeping on that couch, if Gamma saw you she would be so mad. Come on Mommy get up before Gamma comes in, I don't want her to yell at you again." Ann sat frozen in shock, she had completely forgotten that she had a daughter now. Not only did she gain two very strange brothers, but she now also had a little girl who looked almost identical to herself. Ann felt a small tugging on her hand, as Emma tried to get her to sit up. Reluctantly Ann gave into the child's small pressure and stood up from her comfortable place on the couch.

"Mommy, can we go for a walk now? I'm bored there's nothing to do here, we've already been here for so long and you haven't taken me anywhere. And Uncle Eddie told me he won't take me out today, which is completely unfair, because I've been on my best behavior all day, I think he's just being a meanie face." Ann just stared at the small girl as she continued to complain about Uncle Eddie and his general meanness, she couldn't help but laugh at the entire situation as it began to further sink in. The whoel thing was completely ridiculous, how could she obtain a daughter over night, that sort of thing never happened in real life. Ann pinched the upper part of her arm to see if maybe the whole image before her would just melt away. She cringed slightly at the slight pain, clamping her eyes shut, and gently easing them open after a few minutes. To her horror when she reopened them Emma was still standing in front of her, waiting for her response.

"Mommy, are you listening to me. Let's go out, I think some sunlight would do you good, you are looking a bit peakish."

Ann wasn't all too certain what she wanted to do, but she realized that getting out of this crazy house would probably be a good idea,

"Alright Emma. Where do you want to go?"

"Really Mommy, you're going to leave the house? Are you sure, you haven't left the house in two months. Are you really ready now?" Ann was a little confused by what Emma was telling her, she could hardly believe that she hadn't left this house in two months. Her mother had said that Ann and Emma moved in two months ago, but she never mentioned that Ann had not left the house sense.

"Wait Mommy, don't answer that, let's just go before you change your mind. Uncle Eddie said there is a park down the street, can we go there?"

Still confused by Emma's recent comment about how she had spent the last two months, Ann agreed to go with Emma to the park. Walking out of what Emma had referred to as the Receiving Room, Ann headed towards where she remembered the front door to be in her old house, and luckily found herself standing in front of a tall white door, that she could only assumed was the main exit. Ann reached her hand towards the curled bronze doorknob, and was about to open the door when Emma called out from behind her.

"Wait, we can't leave without our coats, Mommy. And you don't even have any shoes on." Ann looked down at her stocking feet and laughed at her own haste.

"Your right Emma, I guess being locked in the house so long has made me forget what's needed outside. Emma can you help me by reminding where my shoes, and our coats would be." Emma beamed up at Ann, and ran to a small door tucked into the corner next to the door, that Ann had completely missed. Behind the door was a fairly large coat closet inside Ann found four different racks of coats, and an assortment of shoes. Emma ran straight to one of the coat racks and pulled off a coat for herself and waited for Ann to pick one for herself. Not sure what shoes or coat belonged to her Ann walked over to the same rack that Emma had gotten her coat from, and found a simple black overcoat that looked like something she would wear, and was relieved when Emma didn't comment about her choice. Ann felt a little intimidated when she looked down at all the shoes, she had never seen so many different shoes in her life, or in what she thought had been her life. Finally spotting a pair of plain black sneakers Ann slipped them on her feet and headed back towards the door.

"Mommy why are you wearing Uncle Jon's shoes with your dress, you can't wear sneakers with a dress." Ann looked down at the dark blue long sleeved dress, and black stockings that she had put on earlier in the morning, she had completely forgotten about her earlier wardrobe run in. Not wanting to change out of the comfortable sneakers, into a pair of shoes that would be acceptable with her dress, and probably very uncomfortable, Ann turned to Emma,

"Uncle Jon told me I could use his shoes, plus this way I can play with you at the park. You do want me to play with you right? I can't possibly play in any other shoes."

Emma's face lit up with excitement when Ann said that she wanted to play at the park.

"Really, you're going to play with me at the park? Let's go then, we're wasting time here." Emma grabbed onto Ann's wrist and quickly pulled her out the door.