"You'll See"


By: FantasyIssue

Copy infringement is inevitable with me. I do not own any products or names, other than the characters and story I have created.

"I think I really do love her," he smiled, looking out into the distance. I sat and ate my ice cream as I watched my best friend day dream about an old love interest of his. I nodded, knowing fully well that he couldn't see me, but I didn't really care. The jimmies on my ice cream were really appealing and I couldn't let them just slide down my hand and then onto the grass. I traced my tongue across the edge of the waffle cone to capture the fast sliding jimmies into my mouth. My shoes would not fall victim to the vanilla ice cream and rainbow jimmies today!

"You've loved her for a full year now, Matthew," I said. I was probably the only person that ever called him by his full name, other than his grandmother. But then again I was probably the only person he trusted with his secrets and sex life. I continued to lick at the jimmies as I sat on the stone wall looking out towards the soccer fields behind the police station. The stone wall, dividing the soccer fields and the station was known as The Wall to the local kids in town. It was a general meeting spot for students of any age, so of course Matthew and I were somewhat surrounded by people we both knew and didn't know. Matthew was leaning against the wall next to me, finding it useless to sit on the shorter part of the wall since he was so tall. I, on the other hand, was gifted with the genes of the shorter population. I stood at only five feet and three inches. My height never stopped me though- in fact I thought it was a blessing. I made less noise sneaking out of the house than Matthew did, since he stood at a giant 6 feet.

"I know, but I just thought I'd remind you, Karen," Matthew replied with a bit of a snippy attitude when he said my name. I rolled my eyes and just continued to eat my ice cream. Matthew's water ice was melting in the paper cup in his hand, long forgotten as he proceeded to day dream about his love interest. I never understood why Matthew wanted to be in a relationship constantly. I found having a significant other inconvenient and stupid in high school. I was waiting for college to start seriously dating people. Dating in high school actually sort of reminded me of old folk dating in their retirement houses. Then again, Matthew was a needy little boy that crazed female attention constantly. Especially towards his groin area, if you know what I mean.

"Oh! I see the gang," I said, pointing to the massive group of students, our friends, making their way towards us. I smiled and left Matthew leaning against The Wall as I clambered to my other friends. Sometimes being with your best friend isn't the best thing in the world. And Matthew's sulking that day was really making my good mood go straight down the gutter. What a jerk, right? But I couldn't complain until I knew why exactly he was sulking. And being the stubborn puss he was, he wouldn't let me in on his secret. I didn't pry too, knowing that even best friends had some secrets.

"Hey, Karen," Keith, an old boyfriend, said as he slung his arm around my shoulder. I smiled and kissed his cheek before greeting him with a simple, "How's it going?"

"Pretty good," he replied, "My love boat has a new passenger."

"Oh! New girlfriend, please do tell me the latest gossip," I said, clasping my hands together pleadingly. Keith laughed and soon we were engaged in a conversation and analysis of his latest girlfriend. Albeit Keith was a bit of a player, and he did play me during our freshman year, I was still good friends with the kid. He's an awesome guitarist and I can't deny a good time when it comes my way. Also, it being our junior year, I didn't feel like holding grudges. Grudges would only make for a horrible senior year without friends. Without friends, I'd graduate in silence. I wanted a tidal wave of hoots, hollars, cheers, screaming and fiestas when I walked the walk for the last time as a high school student.

"Karen, don't you go off with Keith," my girlfriend Amelia said, taking my arm and dragging me away from Keith's detailed narration of his girlfriend's eating habits. I laughed and allowed for myself to be dragged away by Amelia to talk to my girl friends. Matthew was still standing against The Wall where I'd left him, his dark hair covering his eyes. I could tell he was looking at me though, and as a good best friend I made an immature face at him before running off with our friends. He'd catch up with us when he was settled, like always.

That was the first day that Matthew started to like me.

So. This is going to be cute. And hopefully short. And finished. And not deleted. But faithful readers know that I can't keep a story. But I can definitely start one!

I hope you enjoyed. Mistakes- please tell me. Love lots, Lana.