Chapter 13

"GET IN!!!!!" Yelled Kyle, after almost swinging the passenger side door off it's hinges

"Prick!" Monica muttered under hear breath as she slowly edged her way into the car, her tight Lycra miniskirt made it a more difficult task than expected.

As she sat down she smoothed down her skirt, and adjusted her top. She instinctively pulled down the passenger vanity mirror, rummaged into her leather handbag and pulled out her brand new 'Cherry Jubilee' lipstick and applied it liberally to her full and rounded lips.

After then fluffing up her fringe she looked across to Kyle. He was still, silent, and with his head in his hands.




still nothing.

"Fine. Have it your way" she sighed, and then wound down the window and lit a cigarette.

"Fucking Slag" - he grunted

"I beg your pardon?" Monica retorted back with fake gracefulness

"Not you – HER!" explained Kyle.

"Who?" Questioned Monica

"HER! You know HERRRRRR!

"Excuse me, let me just get my crystal ball..." she replied, sarcastically.

"Her – Fucking 'Hatshepsut' Oh Dead One" he gave a hands in the air gesture of despair

"What's in the box Daddy-oh?" Monica winked towards to large cardboard box Kyle's lap.

"This, THIS, is what SHE left me" He gave a pathetic raise of his left eyebrow...

"Well, what is it? What's inside – let's have a look then...!"

Monica leaned over and excitedly lifted up one of the cardboard flaps....

"Don't get too excited – it's just a pile of worthless tat!"

Monica stifled her laughter "What SO not the 'Millions' you were expecting then!"

"Fucking senile old bat obviously didn't even remember who I was!! Turns out she's left ALL her money to the fucking Cats!! Well, to the PDSA to be truthful"

Monica turned to face the window and gave an almighty grin "serves the fucker right" she thought...

"So what IS in the box then!?" She quizzed.

"Take a look" and with that Kyle lifted all four flaps and pointed the box in Monica's direction

"Oooh" she squealed in excitement and took the box from Kyle...

Kyle turned on the car radio "Stray Cat Strut – The Stray Cats"

"You've done well for yourself here – look at this! This could be an antique" She said, thrusting the old metallic goblet under Kyles nose for closer inspection.

"I doubt it" He replied

"Oh And look at this!" she pulled out the old calligraphy pen and leather bound notebook

"Worthless!" cried Kyle

Monica rummaged a little deeper....

"Oh, Kyle – Look at this – this MUST be worth something!"

she held the old antique 35mm AGFA Camera by the strap in Kyles direction...

"GIVE ME THAT!" Kyle snatched it from Monica's grip

Kyle inspected the camera. He prodded it, pulled it, pressed the buttons and turned the dials.

"It must be at least 75 years old this!" Kyle said, his mood changing before Monica's very eyes.

"Oh you're a camera expert now are you?" Mocked Monica

"No, but look at it – you can tell it's good quality because of how weighty it is, and look at the lens – not a scratch on it – clean as a whistle"

Monica looked on in agreement

Kyle continued..." I'm going to get it valued tomorrow – Get at least SOME money out of the old dear"

"Oh, 'Old Dear' now Is she" Laughed Monica.

"Hmmmmmmmmmm well" he muttered.

"Actually Kyle – Give it here a minute!" Kyle Handed it over

"Kyle look. Look at this – It's still got film in it...."