I sat alone in the damp, dark corner of my prison. Wondering how long I had been here, hours, days, months… There was no way of knowing. No light crept in through the solid walls, except for the occasional crack in the door when they fed me. Mind you only enough food to keep my alive. I longed for a day to be free of this frigid cell. Running my fingers along the stone floors and walls maybe a million times to find my escape. Nothing. Am I doomed to be in this solitary confinement till the day I die? My fingers searched desperately to maybe find something of use. The wet rigid stone had felt the same every time I searched for the answer. Not until now did I find something, a softer part of the stone brick. Leaping with excitement I began to dig through it with my fingers with a surprising amount of force.

Just then I heard the noise of approaching foot steps down the corridor. My heart beat furiously, rattling against my bones. The guard must be coming with the meager supply of bread and water. Jumping on the small hole I had begun, I tried to hide any evidence it existed.

The footsteps became louder and louder as they came closer to my door. Maybe luck would be with me and the owner of the feet would walk past my door. But no, I had no such luck today. The feet stopped right in front of my door, sending shivers up my spine. Hoping against all hope they would just give me my food and leave. The door swung open with a burst of light, rendering me temporarily blind. The guard came into the cell, grabbing me roughly by the arms.

"Your coming with me today."

But why, I wondered, where was he going to take me? As if he had just read my mind, he answered,

"They want you now."

Despite how cold I already was, I suddenly became colder. His hands were as cold and hard as marble. Dragging me across the floor I noticed how medieval it looked. But as I glanced back into the cell it suddenly looked welcoming as I was hauled off to my unknown fate.

The guard lifted me over his shoulders, as if I were just a doll, to take me to where ever we were headed. I made no resistance, there was no point. I had little strength left and I was being taken from my only chance of escape.