We eventually reached a large room, made of the same stone as my cell. The only light was provided by several candles placed throughout the room. Slowly scanning the room I noticed that there were people here, most of them looked like prisoners as myself. With ragged cloths and fearful eyes I wondered if I looked as pathetic as them.

The shadows of the room played on the faces of these innocent people. The guard dropped me down next to a young female. She had bright green eyes and long brown hair. You could tell that she was once beautiful but being in this place seemed to rob her of what she once was.

"I'm Bronnen", she had a slightly Cornish accent and a rough but sweet quality to her voice.

"Illona". My voice sounded strange to my own ears. From all the disuse it sounded crackly which made me sound more afraid then I really was.

"Don't be afraid sweetie, hey, how about you tell me a bit about yourself."

I looked at her with wide eyes, in truth I hadn't thought about my past since I came here. I preferred not to, it brought back to many memories. Memories that didn't seem real in this future mausoleum. Unwillingly the things I tried so hard to forget came flooding back.

I stood on the edge of the field over looking the rolling green hills. The grass shimmering in the sunlight giving the area an odd glimmer. The wind causing it to look like an emerald sea. The beauty of it struck me every time I saw it. This was my home, this radiance of landscape always around me. This was my Emerald Isle.

Today was my 19th birthday, a day that I would never forget. But that's why I was here in my meadow, to be away from reality for a few hours.

But the beauty of this place could not pull me from reality today. I looked down at my blood stained hands and dress. It was beginning to dry and harden onto my skin. But I still felt to stricken to move.

When I had returned home awhile ago a sight I was not expecting, greeted me. There splattered against the grass was the blood of my parents, not far from their bodies. I was shocked to say the least, who could do such a thing?

I ran around to the other side of the house in search of my little brother. Surely someone wouldn't murder a small child? But once I rounded the corner I realized my assumption was wrong. He was dead as well.

I rushed to him and held his prone, broken body. Blood seeped from the deep wounds on his neck onto my hands and dress, staining the material. I looked onto his face that still seemed pure and innocent even in death.

It brought tears to my eyes to remember what seemed like so long ago.

I quickly wiped away the tears and looked at Bronnen. Concern was written clearly across her face. She reached out a hand and placed it gently on my shoulder.

"Don't cry Hun, It'll be alright. I promise."

Author's Note: I realize it stops kinda short but there's a lot to cover in the next chapter. Hope you enjoyed it :D