Option IV: The Water of Bastet

Or at least, something seemed wrong. It was about 3:30 pm, and Catherine decided to rush over to the room in which she thought something was array. The building, however, was locked. She found the janitor and asked him to open it quickly. The janitor asked her why, and Catherine told him that she forgot a binder. The janitor complied and Catherine raced through the hall down to the door of the home ec room. She forced open the door and saw Kitty in the kitchen. Kitty did not notice Catherine; she had just sent a text message to her and placed her phone on the table. Kitty gave a deep sigh, which sounded half like she was crying. She walked over to table 1 and then Catherine felt a sharp blow to her stomach. Kitty was not joking. She would do it. Catherine tried screaming at Kitty to stop, but no sound came out.

Kitty jerked open the knife drawer and yanked out blade 3. She gave another depressed sigh. Catherine ran toward her, but Kitty didn't seem to notice, or for that matter, care.

Catherine grabbed the knife from Kitty right as she was about to slit her throat, and slammed the knife drawer shut.

Kitty glared at her.

"I want to protect you, darn it!" Kitty yelled.

"No! I won't let you do this!" Catherine yelled back, struggling to keep the knife out of Kitty's grasp.

"Yes! Give me the knife, Catherine!" Kitty demanded.

"No." Catherine rebutted.

"Fine! If you won't let me protect you, then we're through!" Kitty moaned.

"Kitty, you're being ridiculous!" Catherine screamed, tears streaming down her face.

"No. I'm showing you how much I love you, Catherine!" Kitty replied.

"If you love me, you'll refrain from this absurdity."

"Open the drawer, Cat! I can still save you."

Catherine struggled to block the drawer and keep the knife away from Kitty. Kitty desperately jumped upward to try and grab the knife, and then she started attempting to remove Catherine's hand from the drawer. Catherine continued.

"You won't save anyone! If anything, you'll hurt everyone who cares about you—your parents, your relatives, the teachers that love you, and you'll wound me most of all. Without you, a part of me will die and never return."

"I hate you! You won't let me save you! You're terrible! I was going to protect you! I hate you, Catherine! I hate you!" Kitty shouted, struggling to remove Catherine's fingers, one by one, from the drawer.

Catherine was shocked. More tears flowed from her eyes, but she kept her hands blocking the drawer.

"Why do you hate me? I'm protecting you from making the worse choice you would ever make in your whole life."

"I can't go on. GET YOUR HANDS OFF THE #$%'N DRAWER!"

"No! I can't lose you, Kitty!"

"You will lose me either way, now. I hate you! We never should have met! Now, OPEN THE #$% DRAWER!!!!!"

"What's the purpose of killing yourself now? You won't save anyone. You'll just hurt everyone."

"What does it matter, now? You're dead to me! Just let me die!"

The door slammed open, and in stepped Mr. Trude.

"Oh, I see you both are breaking the rules, and Carnias-this is your second offense. You two-detention."

Catherine screamed at Trude. "YOU!!!!! YOU DID THIS TO HER!!!!! NOW SHE HATES ME! THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!!!!!"

"Both of you come to detention immediately!"

"I'm not coming! I'm going to kill myself. And you can't stop me!"

"But I can, Kitty. You're not doing this!" Catherine yelled. "LOOK AT HER!!!! SEE WHAT YOU'VE DONE? WE WERE AN INSEPARABLE PAIR!!!!! AND NOW… YOU'VE REDUCED HER TO—"

"QUIET, WINDSLOW! The both of you will come to detention before I inform the principal and, given these circumstances, the police.

"We're not coming! You can't make us!" Catherine hissed.

"That does it!" Trude bellowed. He then chanted ancient Egyptian, which pulled the pair toward the door. The two gave up for the time being. Trude marched through the door, carrying the two girls, and went out the back exit. He stepped on a discolored sidewalk block and chanted ancient Egyptian. Within seconds, the three were inside Trude's classroom. Trude yanked the switch and the chalkboard opened. Trude carried them and stepped into the chalkboard entrance. He then did something different from what Catherine had done. He did not take the torch. He had a flashlight. The flashlight revealed an opening. While carrying the two, he jumped onto a platform that was moving up and down. They descended.

The three were now in the room Catherine had been before.

"Now, Carnias and Windslow. You two will die together."

On that lovely note, a gate in front of them slammed close and a gate behind them opened. Out stepped a pair of pilous legs. The face of the creature contained scarlet eyes that glowed hungrily.

"Kill the red-head! Leave the gold one," shouted a dark voice that wasn't Trude's.

The beast lunged toward Kitty. Trude restrained Catherine from escaping his grasp. Kitty didn't budge. She was determined to die. The beast jumped on Kitty and tore off some of her flesh.

"No!" Catherine cried as she struggled stronger to escape. Her necklace glowed.

"My child, you must be strong. There is a way to defeat Anubis. I transfer my powers to you." Bastet's voice echoed.

"No! Impossible!" The dark voice bellowed. "I am Anubis! You will not escape, daughter of Bast!

Catherine rushed toward the fountain, drank from it, and healed some of her wounds. Kitty was still alive. She could feel it. She scooped some water in her palms and rushed over toward Kitty. Gargantuous was about to strike Kitty down. Catherine dodged Gargantuous and poured what little water she had on Kitty. Kitty healed physically.

"My child, run over to the fountain of Bast and press the glowing brick."

Catherine did so. The fountain transformed into a sword. Catherine struck Gargantuous unconscious. Trude would be next. She ran toward Trude and pierced his stomach.

Anubis roared, "Arrrrghrrrr!!!! You will NOT escape! You will die TONIGHT!"

Stalactites pelted the ground and Catherine. Catherine dodged many of them. A few fell on Kitty's head.

"I will defeat you, Anubis. For, I now possess Her powers!"

"Her powers will not help you! She is weak! You will fail!"

Catherine held onto the sword and hit Anubis. Anubis unsheathed his sword and the two fought across the dungeon floor. Catherine knocked Anubis's sword to the floor and then pointed Bastet's sword at his face.

"You cost me my only friend! Why did you use him?" Catherine pointed at the dead Trude.

"Because he had the rage I needed to carry out your death."

"You coward! You couldn't do it yourself?"

"I would have. I just needed someone to weaken you and to bring you to me… and I succeeded in that."

"But you won't go any farther, Anubis! I can't believe you would forsake your sacred duties as guardian of the underworld."

"Ra is weak! I can defeat him easily, but Bastet was getting in my way, and then when one of her human form children entered this world, I had to destroy her! I have killed all of her true animal forms. She has left, and now…" Anubis chanted Egyptian and his sword returned to his hand. "I will complete the task!"

Anubis flipped up over Catherine. Catherine quickly turned around and blocked a strike from his sword. They fought again. After a while, Catherine slipped over Garagantuous's unconscious carcass and her sword escaped her grasp. Anubis caught it in the air. Now, Anubis had both swords.

"And so, Bastet. Your time will end." Anubis proclaimed. He raised both swords above him and struck Catherine's head. Catherine felt blood trickle down her face and chanted Bastet's healing language. She kicked Anubis in the lower torso, causing him to lose Bastet's sword. She caught the sword, and while Anubis held his inflamed area, Catherine pierced his xiphoid.

Anubis fell hard on the floor. His body turned into ashes and the pieces disappeared.

Catherine killed Gargantuous and Mr. Trude. Kitty bled from her forehead and some of her chest. Catherine approached her, but waited a second. Was it truly worth it? Would healing her do anything? Kitty had proclaimed she hated her a few hours ago. Perhaps Kitty would live, but would she still be friends with Catherine?

Catherine decided that she would try. Kitty was barely breathing. Her face was wet with salty liquid and burgundy fluid. Catherine chanted ancient Egyptian, but stopped after a few seconds. Kitty's breathing became faster and her chest had healed. Catherine continued the healing process, but stopped again. Kitty's forehead cleared a bit, but not fully. Kitty became somewhat conscious.

"Who? What? Where am I?" Kitty asked

"Kitty, do you still hate me?"

Kitty blinked a few times. It didn't seem that she knew what she was talking about.

"What? Why?"

"I will heal you no matter what, but I just want to know."

Kitty's eyes started rolling upward, not out of annoyance or sarcasm, however.

"Kitty?" Catherine started shaking her. "KITTY?"

"Hurry, child. You can still save her." Ex-Bastet's voice said.

Catherine chanted ancient Egyptian without stopping. She wondered what would happen next in her life. Kitty blinked a few more times and her eyes dilated from the darkness.

"Kitty! You're alive! You're alive!" Catherine exclaimed as she hugged her, still worried that Kitty would be angry at her."

Kitty was perplexed. She finally responded, "No."

Catherine felt cold. No? What did she mean 'no.' She was definitely alive physically.

"But you are alive. I healed you."


"I don't understand."

"I do not hate you, Catherine. I don't know what came over me. You were right. I was becoming ridiculous. Thank you, Catherine. You are a true friend. Even when I was horrible to you, you still stood by me. You're such a good person, Cat."

"I love you, Kitty. You don't need to thank me. Our bond is what helped us survive."

"I'm sorry, Catherine. I've put you through the worst emotional experiences. I'm sorry."

"Don't be, K. We made it. Trude, Gargantuous, and Anubis are history. All order will be restored. We can continue life as we left it. Friends until the end, Kitty."

Catherine held out her hand to help Kitty up from the wall. Kitty accepted it. The two walked toward the closed gate. Before they crossed the threshold, Bastet appeared.

"Congratulations, my child. You have succeeded and saved us all. You may keep my powers and become me or you can remain your mortal form."

"I choose to stay here on Earth. I have everything I ever wanted now. I have Kitty."

"Very well, my child."

The gate opened and the girls walked toward the exit-fountain. As they rode it up to the surface of the school's back courtyard, they hugged each other. It was dark outside, rather dark for a spring night at 6:00 pm. Before walking to the parking lot, Catherine grabbed her backpack from the bench, and opened her cell phone. She had 3 missed calls, 2 text messages, and 1 voicemail. She clicked the text message button. One was from Kitty. The other was from her mother.

"No, Catherine," started Kitty. "Just delete that one. I don't want you to see it. I've hurt you enough."

Catherine deleted the message.

She then listened to her voicemails. Her mother was wondering where she was. Catherine called her mother and told her she would explain what happened later.

"Kitty, your cell phone. It's still in Mrs. White's class."

"Let it be, Cat. I'll get it tomorrow. I'm not ready to go back there yet."

"But how will you… ? We'll give you a ride home."

Kitty didn't respond. She must have been pondering the events that recently occurred.

Soon, the bright beams of Catherine's mother's Mercedes shone on the grass.

Her mother asked, "Does she need a ride?"

"Come on, Kitty." Catherine urged, and pulled Kitty into the car.

"What happened?" her mother inquired.

The two girls looked at each other and said, in unison, "Don't want to talk about it."

Her mother stared at them and saw that they were not performing one of their secret anti-parent codes because their faces showed sincerity. She decided not to bother, and pulled out of the parking lot, not saying a word.

All was well at Easterwood Middle School. Kitty and Catherine would attend Westwood High next year and continue their strong bond.