I started talking to her like we were friends.
She didn't even really know me.
But I knew how it would end.

Seatbelts clicked and the road moved through the sun.
We were crazy psychos back then.
But still, we needed a shoulder to cry on.

A girl, yet a woman still held inside.
We talked of careers and college binges and radio airwaves.
But times like this summer, is where things really flied.

I dyed my hair dark red to tell her how I felt.
She replied with a nose-ring and fishnet hose.
But the car was already shaking before I removed my belt.

Things lead to another.
I guess, I guess this can be told.
How do we ever cope with the world?
Maybe just in the eyes of a beautiful girl.

Three shots and a glass of wine.
I took her back home through days and nights, we didn't talk much.
But I thought she was okay, I thought she was fine.

You think your life sucks and then you meet someone new.
I couldn't even call this place home, her family, a family.
But I kept on driving this much was true.

Four more days and we hit the lights of Las Vegas.
I drove through a chapel and tied the knot.
But we didn't know about changes.

A couple of weeks and our cell phones keep ringing.
We put them on silence with the accelerator down.
But who knew that bees keep stinging?

Lives run into others.
I guess, I guess this can convey
Do we ever fight back?
Or do our lives just run on anyway?

We finally started talking of kids.
There in room 415 on the outskirts of San Diego.
But the doorknob kept shaking because someone wanted in.

The door kept knocking and a man came inside.
He said he's been calling her every single day.
But he said that she was his wife.

Relationships punch and kick and scratch and bite.
I fought him off and we kissed a lot.
But who really won this fight?

Dreams fade with all the rest.
I guess, I guess we could talk.
Who knows what a sunset brings?
We should probably go ahead and change the locks.

Outside the express out lane where work and get paid.
A group of guys decide to talk to me some more.
But I didn't have much to say.

Arrested for assault and I got one phone call.
She answered, called it quits, and hung up.
But I didn't even get to explain at all.

Thirty days put me back on the streets.
And the locals all know of my crimes.
But I just head back home with shame and defeat.

I've been told truth is nothing more than educated lies.
I've been told that crying is a good enough outlet.
But is this how love dies?

Mirrors always show the same things.
I guess, I guess this is fact.
Who really am I?
And why can't I bring her back?

Got back in my car and headed towards the beach.
Prayed to God and screamed out loud.
But my words were lost in the city's sound.

My head has been shaved and I called my Mom.
I asked a million questions and told her all my stories.
But I mainly asked where the hell did I go wrong?

Six years and the sand returned to my shores.
I'll give love another go.
But this better be more.

Her name was Sandy and we met at a bar.
She was drunk and laughing all night.
But she didn't know I had a car.

People know how to be friends.
I know, I know this is true.
How can I keep this up?
Because I'll know how it ends.