Ode to a Notebook


Connor Mack

Oh Journal, the unseen chronicler of my life, as well as countless others. It doesn't matter if I'm writing on a different piece of paper or in a different notebook, you're always somehow there. You've been there for so many people, mate, right from the beginning to hear them out. You've seen me in the dumps, you've seen my fly higher than a jet, and you've seen me go into bouts of what I think may be insanity. I don't care, you never judge anyway.

Your sister Diary and I were never able to hit it off, seeing as how she's girly in every sense of the word. You, on the other hand, the silent listener and pal of mine, remain neutral. You always take the time to hear about my day, you've never put me down, never shunned me for my ideas, and you've never betrayed me. In fact, you're practically the only one who has any idea of what I've seen that others can't. You're just a modest, sincere fellow who never complains and in many aspects what I strive to be. You'd never tell anyone's secrets, unless someone were to ask you for it. They always come looking for you, and you, being the nice guy you are, give it to them. Don't ever worry though, I'll never get mad, you were just doing what was asked of you.

You're too humble unlike your sister to hide things, and that's why we're buds. Some people may hate you for that same reason, but I'm sure they'd be much more comfortable Diary, who we all know is just a huge gossip waiting to happen.

We'll definitely have to hang out later. You know where my home is, and you're always welcome in it. Who knows, I'm might even introduce you to my friends, or my family! Well, in the meantime, I'll be seeing you when that time comes around.

Stay classy Journal, stay classy…