we're the girls they dream of,
with white chocolate,
and peanut butter skins.

eyes lit up with a R-rated thoughts
boys look back in the halls,
to catch a glimpse of our
or hair.
ohgod they long.

(thank you,
but you can call us
by just our names.)

we clothe ourselves in finery,
purple silks, turquoise lace,
and black satins,
to hide our secrets longer,
good thing the human species
is oblivious.

liquid emerald, garnet and topaz
fill and contort
our eyes into beautiful things,
to captivate the boys,
till they go blind and make us
more gorgeous in their minds.

we're the kind of girls,
you take to dinner with,
rubies on the soles of our shoes, and expect
diamonds in the bottom of our wine-glasses.

we laugh like glass bells,
and breaking china sounds from our feet
as we walk –
a wake of broken things behind us.

we are life-livers,
the full-potential of bliss
in the palm of our hands.

boys kiss their thin girlie's necks,
but it's our curves and charisma
that seduce them
in their dreams.