Flowers: Plants admired for their beauty and sometimes their fragrance. They easily brighten any scenery. But come wintertime, they die. Sometimes people decorate their homes with these delightful plants, whether it be the exotic plants, or the colorful bouquet in a glass vase. But they too die, from lack of water or care, or just because. Despite the frailty of flowers, people still adore them. I adore them.

If this is true than why am I unhappy? Flowers blossom all around my castle, their aroma so strong it is almost suffocating! Yet I feel no joy, no happiness. Perhaps… I need to find a certain flower. A unique flower, with a beauty all it's own. Yes, it would also need to have a distinct scent. There could be no flower like it anywhere. It sounds perfect! But does such a flower exist? If it does then I will find it no matter how long it takes. After all, I do have an eternity to find this flower.