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Before either of them could move toward the crystal, the King suddenly stopped.

"Wait, Maikyl! You look dreadful!"

Maikyl didn't know whether he should be surprised or insulted.

"That's harsh, sire," he straightened his robes out, "I know I was out of line but..."

"No, you look like a demon!"

"... You've lost me sire." That's when Maikyl noticed the King still held his human form.

'Is this for the human's sake?'

"I don't want him to be scared or disgusted by what I am," the King looked down at his hand sadly, opening and closing it slowly. "They have such terrible stories about demons, such terrible depictions..."

"I understand sire," the servant sighed and closed his eyes, focusing on changing his form. "I will do as you wish." Maikyl opened his eyes to see his king smiling.

"Thank you, Maikyl."

'I will become human... Anything to make you happy, sire.'

"But what about all the servants and guards? You can't possibly order all of them to take on human forms."

The King pondered for a second before answering. "I will cast a spell on the courtyard. When any one enters, they shall become human. And when they leave, they will return to normal."

"But what if he, your uh, flower, what if he should ever leave the courtyard?"

"Leave the courtyard?" The King looked amused. "He won't ever leave the courtyard, my silly little servant. He won't ever leave his vase." Maikyl, although not believing this to be true, argued no more.

With the King in the lead, they moved toward the crystal. The inhabitant inside was already awake and looking around his surroundings, his back towards the approaching couple.

"Hello my beautiful blossom!"

Ayame groaned and shifted in his bed. What had happened last night? He couldn't remember anything. All he remembered was leaving the house... and going somewhere... and meeting someone... Ayame groaned again. When did he come home last night? He didn't remember getting in bed...

'This isn't my bed...' This thought hit Ayame full force, causing him to rapidly sit up. 'Where the hell am I?!' It looked like he was trapped inside a chamber made entirely of glass. This chamber was surrounded by flowers. An insane amount of flowers.

'Just like the park...' That's right! The park! That's where he went last night. And that man was there...

"I can take you to a place that has many more flowers, even more beautiful than these. Would you like that?"The words spoken by the red haired man echoed in Ayame's head. A blush crept onto Ayame's face as he remembered the incident.

"Forget her. Forget everyone. Come with me Ayame. You will be my treasure. I will never replace you. Just say you want to come with me and we can go."

"I…" Ayame shuttered as he felt cool lips on his neck. "I want to go with you." He had said yes...

'Is this where he was talking about?'

Ayame slowly got out of the bed, staggering a little as he stood up.

'God... I feel like I've been asleep for a really long time.' Ayame stretched before moving to look around the chambers.

There really wasn't much to see in the sparsely furnished crystal chamber. There was a bed and a small table... and that was it. The outside of the chamber was much more magnificent. As far as he could see, there were flowers. Ayame guessed he was in a garden. A really BIG garden; there seemed to be no end to the flowers. Ayame turned around in awe.

'What place could possibly big enough to hold this many flowers? And who would actually want all these flowers?' Ayame thought, as he placed his forehead against the cool crystal wall. 'This is all too confusing and overwhelming.' He sighed deeply. 'What am I going to do?'

And that's when a now far too familiar broke through his thoughts, surprising Ayame.

"Hello my beautiful blossom!"

Ayame turned around slowly, not really wanting to face his captor, but he knew it would get him no where just to ignore him. He couldn't help but be shocked once again by the man's beauty. Despite how much Ayame wanted to hate the man, be scared of him, scream at him, he couldn't. He stood silently taking in the man before him.

The King continued to smile at his "flower", not fazed by the lack of response. "Do you like your new home?"

"No," Ayame looked down, no longer able to look at his captor. "I want to go home." At this, the King's smile shrank.


"Don't 'what?' me!" Ayame rushed forward, pounding his prison, all hesitation from before gone. "I want to go home!" The smile had completely faded the King's face, replaced by a calm, emotionless glare, his red eyes narrowed. Ayame continued to shout. "Why did you do this to me?! What did I do to deserve this?!" Ayame looked down, not wanting to cry in front of a stranger. "Why me?"

After Ayame finished shouting, the King watched him wordlessly, his face impassive. "You are unhappy?" Ayame nodded before quietly replying yes.

Sighing, the King turned away, preparing to leave. "I'm sorry but," the King stopped and turned around. "No, I'm not sorry. Sorry would imply that I regret taking you, or I am remorseful for my actions. That would be a lie however." He stepped toward the crystal chamber glaring at the inhabitant, who shrunk back, scared of the suddenly intimidating King. "I did you a favor even if you do not realize it. And in no way do I regret what I've done." Again, the King turned to leave. "I did you a favor, remember that." And with that, he was gone.

Ayame was shocked, and at a total loss. He remained motionless, staring at the place the King had previously been. He didn't know what else to do.

Maikyl cleared his throat, surprising Ayame who had not noticed him before. "I'm terribly sorry Ayame. His majesty is very impulsive, and rather selfish, not realizing how harmful his actions are. But please don't worry, I doubt you captivity will last long because the King is also fickle, and will probably release you when he becomes bored."

Ayame stared at the strange man. Although nothing he had said calmed Ayame's nerves, the man was not at all threatening. He was a rather small man, slightly shorter than Ayame, with short, dark blue hair and he wore glasses that covered his bright green eyes. There was something strange about the man, and Ayame's captor, not necessarily their looks, but something else he couldn't name.

Suddenly something the man had said struck Ayame. 'Wait... "his majesty"?! "King"?!'

"King?" questioned Ayame, "King of what?"

"Oh... I don't know if I should tell you. The King... he may not want you to know." the man replied sheepishly.

"Why? Why wouldn't he want me to know?"

"Well... He is ... I mean we are... Oh, you won't believe me if I tell you!"

"Please, just tell me!" Ayame had become scared again, his voice rising in panic.

"The King and I, we are demons. The man who kidnapped you is my master, the King of Demons."