Not only did I re-edit the song, changed the title too. Just, didn't really like Liquid Shadows anymore. I'm sure I'll think of more ways to make this better, but for now this is as good as it gets, and it's at least twice as good as before. Enjoy!

shadows on the pavement

A scene to forget...
Facedown in my own blood!
And choking on the last verse!
Of my, sonata to regret!
Scrawled here in the mud!
And burned into my memory!
Wish it was in yours!
My last day!
The only way...
To tell you that I'm sorry!

Let this be the song you remember.
My substitute for salvation!
I dedicate it to those fallen!
So badly hurt!
After coming so far!
May you proudly wear your scars!
And may the blind world see you bleeding!

Shadows, on the pavement!
Could be pathways to your grave!
Or in these squares of liquid darkness,
Perhaps you will be saved.
Oblivion, serenity!
In the silence some would die to hear!
In beautiful, nothingness!
There's no hate, sorrow or fear!

So plunge your knife in my back now.
Whats another hole inside my heart?
With every gouge I grow accustomed.
To being, torn right apart!
But that's alright!
For now the truth is plain!
Powerless becomes the pain!
And the lies I'm done believing!

Shadows, on the pavement!
Do our pathways make us slaves?
Or is there more than darkness?
Something that wants us to be saved?
Fate has taken, nearly all of me.
I feel the ending drawing near...
Will it be, sad or glorious?
I'm sure time will make it clear...
Either way, take me from here.