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Flash of silver...red drips...scream echoes...

"No!" she cried, battling against the restraints that pinned her unforgivingly to the wall. "Why are you doing this to me?"

She flinched, cowering slightly, and yelled out once more as a second image filled her conscious mind.

"Please leave me!"...eternal begging...silence comes...

She groaned as her eyes unglazed and she returned to her dreadful reality.

"Please stop!" she pleaded into the silence.

"But why should I?" The wizard walked out from the shadows and smiled. "It's so much fun!" He flicked his hand at her and muttered something incoherently.

Burst of green...howling...fall to floor...

"Why?!" she screamed once again, "Why must I see them all die?!"

He chortled, a low malevolent laugh in the back of his throat that echoed off the stone walls of his almost empty chamber. The vibration carried down her chains and she felt it in her bones. She lowered her head.

"My dear, you must see them...because you killed them!" the wizard cried.

Her head sprung up, dizzying her momentarily as this was the fastest movement she had made in days.


"You heard me," he smirked, "you killed them!"

Hand flicks...knife plunges...body crumples...

Her energy was being drained but she had to stay conscious. She had to protest against his fallacy.

"But...but I didn't. You know I didn't!"

"True...you didn't. But when the authorities come in search of the murderer and sift through our memories..." He cocked his head to the side and smirked, flicking his hand again.

Hand chokes...neck red...dying whimper...

"...who is going to be the guilty one?!" he finished.

Her head sunk as a single tear rolled down her dirt caked cheek, the path revealing creamy white skin with a soft pink tinge. Her beauty had been forgotten during her days of endless torture, yet now this tiny speck of flawless skin seemed to brighten the room, just for a second.

"They'll be here any minute. I can feel them!" the wizard whispered, closing his eyes and drawing in a long breath as he sensed them getting near.

"Please don't do this..." she gasped, her pleading eyes meeting with his dark grey callous orbs.

"Do what dear?" he smirked. The stare remained unbroken, even when he stepped aside as the door smashed to the ground and two masked workers from the authorities burst in.

One ran towards the wizard and grasped his face in his hands, his concealed eyes gawping into his mind. For a few minutes they stood like this, the figure scanning through his memories. Finally he stepped back.

"Clean!" he professed, turning to his colleague who had been reading the girl. The second worker cackled and removed his mask, revealing his dark glinting eyes. The darkness within them sent a shiver up the girl's spine.

"This one's not. Got 'em all!" he laughed.

The first worker shook his head and sighed. He grasped the girl's chin in his hand and tilted her face from side to side, observing her delicate features. Even through the dirt, her youth was clearly visible.

"Murderous bitches get younger and younger..." He looked at his friend and nodded, sighing once more. "Proceed!"

"No! Pl-please wait. Let me explain...please..." she cried, the urgency in her voice slowly fading into pitiful desperation.

"Nope, no explaining needed missy. I'm just here to do my job!" the second worker said, removing something from his pocket. She burst into tears as realisation dawned on her.

"Aw now, don't cry darlin'!" he mocked, stroking her cheek and tracing the pathway her tears had made. "I'll make it quick!" he whispered, his promise closely followed by a medieval sounding cackle.

The wizard, who had quickly been forgotten after his 'innocence' professed, sat back and took in the sight. The blood dripped ceremoniously to the ground and as her life ebbed away, the tainted memories returned to their original owner, an act that went unnoticed by the contented workers.

He turned and slipped quietly out of his chambers, walking away into the twilight shrouded by his returning memories.

As he went he recalled the previous week, remembering how it had felt to kill. He smiled; satisfied in knowing he was the only one left. Satisfied in knowing he had single-handedly wiped out every remaining member of his family...

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