One day Alex went to work, at the psychiatric ward in St. Margret's hospital. Alex was an average man, with normal features, and a slight over bite.

He had a patient called Rosa Clarks, she was a young woman who was suffering severely from hallucinations. She had dirty blonde hair, with spilt ends to match. Her eyes were a dull blue which rarely sparkled with joy, unless Dr. Alex was about.

Rosa was being put in a padded room to stop herself for harming her or any others. She was already restricted to a straight jacket which burned her arms each time she moved.

All the other patients watched as she was wheeled past, many took pity on her. Some watched from their windows, and many dared wander into the corridor to watch as she was taken past. Rosa was left in the padded room. She stroked her head against the soft walls. The hallucinations were still strong in her head.

Alex walked slowly past each patient's room, sorting through all the pieces of paper on Rosa Clarks.

He walked into the padded room, his heart filled with pity as Rosa's smile was lit.

"Alexander!" she exclaimed, "You're not supposed to see the bride before the wedding!"

Alex felt a hole grow in the pit of his stomach, she was insane. He smiled a comforting smile.

"Rosa," he sighed, "We aren't getting married." Rosa's smile faltered. Alex felt his heart wrench with pity. He had become quite attached to Rosa, and honestly hoped she recovered.

"Yes we are," Rosa insisted.

"Rosa," Alex began.

"We are!" Rosa screamed, her arms struggled against the tight restraints of the straight jacket. Tears welled in her eyes.

"Do you know where you are?" Alex said calmly.

"I'm waiting to get married to my fairytale prince!" Rosa insisted. She was now staring at her restraint with anger. Nothing was stopping the tears now. Alex took Rosa's hand.

"I'm Dr. Alex Smith, and I'm here to help you."

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