this is the first chapter in my three piece poem collection based on the wizard of oz. i started with the scarecrow as he was the first character that accompanied dorothy in her journey to see the wizard. i wrote this before the idea of the collection came to me, which is why there is little connection with this poem and the books, so this was actually a happy coincidence rather then a planned story.

the scarecrow is a very interesting character as scarecrows are normally used to frighten off and scare birds as their name implies, and are used a lot in horror movies as the monster, so i kept this ideal. and the connection with the oz scarecrow who was much more whimsical is the need of the brain, it coincidently coencided with my scarecrows need for fear so it was a lucky break, besides, it is a bit farfetched for a creature to be able to function without a brain, so i made it, rather it wanted fear.

please tell me what you think

The Crucified Scarecrow

Unless, or is it useless, the word that I use to describe my life.

Even now I hear the night colored demons that cause my strife.

No one knows the hatred I hold for the ones who cause my straw limbs such pain.

No one knows the cruelty of the wretched blackbirds who gave Poe his name.

The Crucified Scarecrow is my name

Once upon a time ago fear was my game

The realm of nightmares was once my plane

But that was long ago before this wooden cross-made me tame.

As the birds tear at me my yarn mouth make me unable to cry.

And my button eyes make it impossible to sleep at night when I dream to die.

Who cries for the crucified scarecrow who is set upon by the beast.

No one cries for the crucified scarecrow whose salvation falls out of reach.