this poem was honestly my favorite in the trilogy as the cowardly lion was my favorite character in the books, as there was something different about him then the others. it may of been that the lion was the only one missing something that he was supposed to have, scarecrows have straw in their heads so there is no brain, and tinmen are like robots, so they have no need for hearts, but lions are supposed to have courage. so the idea came to me, that for a mighty lion to not have any courage didn't really add up, so here came this tale of instead the courage was taken from him, many of the people who are considered strong in the world have had to face defeat and reacted in a similar manner.

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Coward's Tail

He was the mightiest in his kingdom of vert,

Born to be a divine champion of the earth.

A mane of fur made up this king's crown,

Whose power was recognized from the sky to the ground.

But then a foreign noble in stripes draped,

Came and painted scarlet the landscape.

In that time, in the king's heart the seeds of fear were sewn,

But he met the tiger to face the gauntlet thrown.

Claw upon claw as blood was spilled,

The two combatants were equal so power broke the skilled.

With fear poisoning his heart the king could not win,

So at days end the crowds had a new king's name to sing.

The king ran that day confidence torn,

Now so weak and fragile, like the day he was born.

Never again was the old king's name spoken,

It only burned now in the heart of the lion cowardly and broken.