A/N: Random narrative poem. I think. Not related to me. It's just that, I was saying the line, "The boy she left behind" over and over in my head, and it seemed to make a good poem. I don't know. I've been away from poetry for a while now and I think it's time to get back.


The boy She left behind

She loved him with all her soul

All her heart and all her mind

He was certainly an ideal boy

A one true-of-a-kind

They had no special bond

A love was not there

He gave not an interest

He gave not a care

One day they were separated

She left behind the guy

Who else could take an interest?

None other than I.

I soon saw what She saw

Her thoughts had become mine

When She left, I just had

To fall for the boy She left behind

He had always seemed

To take an interest in me

Even in the days

He was loved by She.

I noticed him catching my eye

Back in the days She was here

But I took no special interest

Until the days She disappeared

What could I do? What could be done?

Could we have a love to last?

Will we work out? Does he still love me?

Am I thinking way too fast?

Would She be happy

If She found about this love?

Or would She cry, scream,

Hurt, push, shove?

I may never know

For She is impossible to find.

I guess I'll keep, I guess I'll love

The boy She left behind.