Chapter 1

I sat down and looked out my bedroom window. Any minute, Olivia will be here. I was not looking forward to this day. It was my last day of school, and I was leaving my best friend and only friend behind. I was moving all the way across Canada, and I knew it would be hard to keep contact with Olivia.

I was starting to cry now. When my mother told me that we were moving to B.C., I cried my eyes out. I knew I couldn't handle being far from Olivia, she was my only friend. Everyone else hated me, they all had no good reason, they all thought I was ugly and a huge nerd so, they nicknamed me twig. Olivia was different, she got to know me and we got along real well. Now, all that work is ruined.

A few minutes later, I saw a black mini van drive up in our driveway. I wiped my tears away; I promised myself that I would have fun on the last day even though I know it will be horrid. I ran downstairs, and into the kitchen and grabbed a granola bar. The doorbell rang, I yelled upstairs to my mother and said goodbye and opened the door and saw Olivia standing in the doorway. She didn't look cheerful like she always did; helping my day feel better, she looked depressed and sad.
"Hey, Olivia!" I try to say in a cheerful voice.
"Hey, Lizzie," Olivia said calmly.

We walked back to her van and her mother said hello and how she was going to miss me very much and how horribly Olivia was devastated. I try not to cry, but the tears come and now Olivia and her mom are soothing me until I finally stop crying. Olivia's mother drove us to school.

At school, mostly all the kids were nice to me and said they were sorry that I was leaving, even though I knew they could care less. The popular kids didn't even say goodbye, they still called me a twig all day. The most popular boy in school, Jacob, who I had a major crush on, I wanted to have my first kiss with him, and him to be my first boyfriend. Though, I knew that was next to impossible.

At lunch, all the nerds sat with Olivia and I. They were very friendly and bought me lunch. I just wish they treated me like this earlier, like a year or two because I might have had a boyfriend and my first kiss that I dreamt about. Though, I have always planned to have my first kiss with Jacob.
"I'm going to miss you so much," Olivia said, it looked like she was about to start crying.
"You're telling me? This is going to be hard; I'm not going to make any friends!" I wine.
"I'm sure you'll be fine," the girl that bought me lunch, told me.
"I hope so," I said.
"We should play truth or dare, to get her mind off moving," a boy from the back of the group suggested.

Everyone agreed. Every time it was my turn, I chose a dare, hoping to be dared to kiss someone, so I could actually say to whoever I meet at the new school that someone has kissed me, but I was only dared to be kissed on the cheek a few times and that's as close as a guy got to my lips.
"Truth or Dare, Lizzie?" Olivia asked.
"Dare." Maybe she would make someone kiss me on the lips, hopefully."I dare you to promise us that on your first day at your new school you kiss a guy," Olivia said happily.
"On the lips?" I ask.
"The lips."