Chapter 12

"It's nothing," Jake said.

"Oh it's definitely nothing,"I say sarcastically.

"Jake you should tell her," Micheal said.

"No, it's nothing important."

"Fine," I say.

"Fine?" they both ask.

"Micheal can you give Jake a ride home?" I say as I was walking in the direction of my car.


"Wait, where you going?" Jake asks.


"Why? We just got here."

"I want to go home, okay?" I said angrily.

"Are you mad?" Micheal asks, giving Jake a you-should-have-told-her look.

"Well bye Micheal," I say, not answering Micheal's question.

"So your mad at me?" Jake asks. Instead of answer angrily back at him, I just drove off towards home.

Jake's POV:

"Wow, you just screwed up your relationship with her."

"Lizzie? Don't you mean friendship, not relationship. You acting like we're a couple," I scoff at Micheal.

"I didn't mean friendship. I know you like Lizzie, and she likes you."

"I like her as a friend!"


"I do. You know I like the girl that kissed me." Micheal sighs.

"Still trying to find her, are you?"

"Yes. I think I should get a list of all the girls in the school."

"And what? Kiss them, and when you know it's not her, check that person off? That's a lot of happy girls. Especially Angela."

"That's all I've got."

"Your even willing to kiss Angela for it?"

"I already know her type of kiss, and it's not her. I can check her off the list."

"You know you would have to kiss Lizzie."


"She goes to our school, and the last time I checked she was a girl."

"She'll be the last person to check. I even know it's not her, I've told her about the girl and she didn't say anything about the girl being her."

"Your stupid, you know that? Your going to have to talk to Lizzie about Julia."

"Who cares about Julia? That was in the past."

"If it doesn't matter to you, you should have no problem in telling Lizzie about Julia."

"Okay, I'll admit it. What Julia has done, has really hurt me. That's why whenever someone would ask me out, or even on a date, I would say no. I thought all girls would be like Julia."

"Is Lizzie like Julia?"

"No! Of course not! How could you say such a thing? She's the nicest girl I know."

"I know, I know. It's just that you said all girls are like Julia, and Lizzie is definitely not like Julia."

"Definitely not like her. She's...she's...different from any girl I know. I hope the girl that kissed me has a good atitude like Lizzie's."

"So, you definitely don't like Lizzie?" Micheal says with a grin.

"You know who I like."

"Yes, the mystery girl," after a pause he says, "Jake, I think I like Lizzie."

I felt my eyes widening like mad. Was he serious? I thought I saw a smirk on his lips while looking at my shocked expression. It was quickly erased with a nervous expression.

"Do you think she likes me?" Micheal whispered.

"Uh, uh, are you absolutely positive you like her?"

"Yeah, I can't stop thinking about her."

"You would make a good boyfriend for her," I said with little disappointment. Why was I feeling so down now? I don't like her. Well I do, just not in that way.

"Really? Do you think she likes me?"

"I dunno. I could send some hints to her."

"No!" Micheal said quickly, "I'll do it myself."

"Okay, do you want to shoot some hoops?"

"Yeah man."

End of Jake's POV.

I was so angry. I can't believe he acted that way!I thought we were best friends, but still he thinks he can hide things from me. Me and him I guess just don't belong to be friends. I will never get the full truth from him anytime soon for anything, and that bothers me. What should I do? Sleep on it, I thought.

The next morning came up quickly and I got ready for school, which I unfortunately would see Jake. I would also see this girl named Julia, which Jake wouldn't tell me about. As I was walking into the front hallway of my high school, I saw everyone looking in my direction. Why was everyone looking at me? No one ever notices me at this school, and they all hate me. The guys face were practically drooling, even the ones that had there girlfriend's clingy onto their arms jealous of the attention that was no longer on them. Then I heard someone yell, "Hey Julia! Want to sit with us for lunch?" I looked in the direction the voice came from, it was Angela's. Wait, my name is not Julia. Julia! It dawned on me, that girl. I turn around imaging seeing the most prettiest and intelligent girl I've seen. My thoughts were right, she had long wavy chocolate brown hair that shimmered all over, and can not be unnoticed. She smiled at Angela, her blue clear eyes sparkling, "We'll see," her perfect girly, but strong voice answered. Angela's brown eyes were hopeful that the girl would adore her. I knew perfectly well that Angela will be used for Julia's advantages but, I also think she can do that with any guy. They'll all love the attention. Julia was wearing tight low dark skinny jeans, and a tight spaghetti shirt that was so short that it didn't reach over her belly button. Her belly button was pierced containing a small red heart as her piercing.

Her eyes landed on me. Her expression was confused and she was no longer smiling. "Who are you?"

"My name is Lizzie." I offer my hand. She looks at it disgusted.

"Eww, your name is Lizzie?"

"I know right?" Angela intruded in our conversation. A group of people were surrounding us and listening to our conversation. It made me feel clasterphobic. Julia put no emotion to it.

"Then call me Elizabeth."

"You have two names?" Angela asks confused.

"Lizzie is a short form for Elizabeth, you idiot," Julia says to Angela.

"Sorry," Angela says to Julia, feeling sorry.

"What's going on?" I heard a familiar voice ask behind me. I turn around and see Jake and Micheal pushing their ways through the crowd.

"Jake!" Julia says, and wraps him into a big hug. He looked so stiff.

"Hey Liz," Micheal says.


"Yeah, my nickname I gave you, and no one else can call you that."

"Oh, ok."

"I missed you!" I hear Julia say to Jake as she kissed him on the cheek.

"No you didn't," Jake said as he started pushing away from her firm grasp.

I know knew why he didn't want to tell me about Julia, it made perfect sense. He was the only guy rejecting her. Though he seemed troubled seeing her. There was only one good explanation. The had a bad relationship, that didn't end well.

I guess I should forgive. No, I will.