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"Why were you crying?"

Mari looked for the voice that seemly appeared out of nowhere.

With a firm hand on her arm, she noticed it belonged to a fellow senior. Jace Vance, a guy in her chemistry class.

And that was all she knew him of- a guy in her chemistry class. She didn't want to fall into the norm and think of him as the Renaissance man of their grade where he was always surrounded by girls who wore the most expensive flirty perfume and ones who never had to stuff their bras with tissues in elementary school like Mari had.

She knew he was leader; it was with his attitude and confidence that he obtain that role. Or it was the fact that he was appealing meaning he could have every girl that was hanging of his arms.

And she hated him for what he represented. Something that she could never be. Powerful, happy, outgoing and wanted. Or she was just jealous. She never really wanted the popularity but Mari had moved midyear also and she didn't receive half the attention he did.

She hated him merely off principle.

She thought he was the same as any other guy that ran through the girl at the school. It wasn't a bad trait. It would probably get him far in life, that appeal; but it was the same as all the other one dimensional guys.

But he wasn't a player and that was what confused the school when he came at the beginning of sophomore year.

Yes, he had girls but he treated them with care and tried his best not to carelessly break their hearts. He had a swimmer's body, long and lanky with unrecognizable tattoos scattered along his skin that no one could understand. He had a mysterious glow to him something that attracted girls to him because he had a mean streak that frightened and aroused girls.

His dark brown hair wasn't styled but laid as it please with the streaks of light burgundy. He had a blemish free face and long lashes.

He had went for his usual brandnamed, strategically ripped jeans. Under his white button up shirt, he had on a semi-tight black shirt with blue cursive writing, "Secret Lovers".

"I asked you a question. Why were you- Dammit!" He looked over her head for a quick moment making Mari turn around seeing a teacher turn the corner toward them. Before she could turn back, she was whirled into a vacant classroom and pushed onto that back of the closed door. As his hard body was presses up against hers, she noticed how tense he was and how toned his chest was.

She was still confused. Why did he care? They barely ever spoke and if by chance they did, he only stared at her as if she killed his mother.

"What's your problem? Get off me!" She pushed at his firm chest but as expected he didn't budge if anything he pressed against her even harder. His eyes were starting at her, demanding her to answer him and when he opened his mouth to ask again, Mari spoke up. "And I wasn't crying!"

Once again: principle. If someone you don't know expects you to spill your life story… you vehemently reject the catalyst that brought you to the situation.

"Yes you were. I saw you crying on that faggot's shoulder!" His hands that were splayed on the door by both sides of her head turned to fists. Mari's confusing and annoyance bowed to fear. She had heard of his temper through the grapevine and it was detailed enough to instill a fear in her especially when she saw his face. But that was a friend that he insulted and she wouldn't allow anyone, even resident bad boy Jace, to be

"He's not a faggot but you're a jerk!" Jesus, she felt like she was first grade.

She began a futile struggle against him and thoughts she was having of him. He should not smell this intoxicating… and as it was coming clear to her that she was not immune to his ways. She moved her body side to side to escape his presence. Balling her small hands into fists she pounded on his chest, which hurt her more than him.

"He's gay and that's equal to being a fag. And I not a jerk." He seized her face in with his fingers and pressed his lips against hers.

It was hard and soft, and she marveled in the way that there could be two sensations felt as one. It was like her lips were being massaged into pliancy, but she wouldn't give in that easily. She started to fight even harder, and he demonstrate that she wasn't going anywhere with his strength, and that made her warm. And when his hand softened on her face, she slowed down her protest. His lips began to caress her instead of devour and she began to kiss him back.

She didn't know what she was doing or why. He was a jerk and she barely knew anything about him… beside the fact that he was an excellent kisser. All she knew was that she wanted him, and she wanted more. Dear God, she was becoming one of his girls, and she didn't really care.

His lips were warm and soft while his lip ring was a cooling steel and hard. The contrast made Mari shyly un-ball her fist and place them on his broad shoulders. He lightly bit her bottom lip and then swiped his tongue across it. She moaned and he repeated the action.

Their bodies were pressed together and this time Mari didn't push him away, instead she gave in to the voice of her aching body. Tilting her head, she kissed him back again. Hearing his breath catch, her tongue played with his. Her hands lifted to play with that ends of his brown hair as he played twirled with the ends of her equally dark hair at her waist. Her soft, doe hazel eyes met his persuasive green ones then she closed her eyes.

She felt Jace twirl them back toward the teacher's desk. Her hands tighten on his hair. Feeling the hard edge of the desk hit her backside, she reached towards him to steady herself; only to have him lay her down. Jace must have shoved everything off the desk because she heard the little knick-knacks hit the floor and he back hit only mahogany.

Jace put a hand on her ankle and slid it up her calf then her thigh taking her long white skirt with it. Her legs spread open as he maneuvered his way in between them. He was fully aroused and she could feel it through his jeans and the thin swatch of material that stood between them.

The moan that escaped her mouth was long and deep. She lost all shame and pulled him closer to him. Following Mari moan, Jace grinded his hips into hers. She answered with a surprised scream but Jace pulled out his hand from where it was under her shirt and covered her mouth. With his other hand he gripped Mari's hands together and pulled them above her head.

Jace grinned as she squirmed and went wild under him. Then she arched up making her breast strain against her thin white button up blouse. It was as if the animal inside of him took over as Jace stop his ruthless assault on her mouth, hooked a finger above the top brass button and rip it straight down the middle.

Mari looked up in surprise and was met with a devious smirk. He bit her bottom lip hard then dipped his head to her chest. She bit her stinging lip to hold back the moan that was scrapping against the back of her throat when he started to suckle her through her bra. Oh dear god, she was going to hell with soaked panties.

When he lifted his head, it was as if everything was brighter- more focused. As cliché as it sounded, Mari couldn't ignore the still air or the isolated sound of their heartbeat beating on the same accord. She face him and he took her lips in a sweet and gentle sedate sort of passion. When they separated for a moment for air, Mari took an intuitive step and lightly pressed her lips to his. His cold lip ring swirled on her warm lips as he massaged his lips with hers. The waves of emotion that Mari was riding on and nearly drowned her before settled and she waded in the still waters of sensation.

She was still drifting along when the shrill of the school alarm pierced her perfect moment. Jerking back, Mari put a hand to Jace's chest and surprisingly push him back a full feet. He stumbled back shocked and seemed dazed. Jace moved towards her again, but was held at bay when Mari slapped a hand at his bare chest. When had his shirt came off?

"The first bell rang. Jace, no!" Mari began the useless task of pulling her shirt together. She couldn't believe what happen. The she had just made out with a guy, let alone Jace, on a teacher's desk before school. She was such a slut, but she giggle at the thought of perfect little Marilyn with the perfect grade and the perfect life being… ravished, she decide the old-fashion word fit perfectly, on a desk by the big bad wolf.

"Meaning we have fifteen more minutes 'til classes start." He started to cross towards her but was sent a death glare as Mari tried to rearrange her shirt.

"Don't think that you're not a jerk." Embarrassed by the fact that she responded so fully to his kiss and forgot the whole reason for her semi-hatred towards him, Mari grimaced. How the hell was she supposed to get through the school day without a proper shirt? She didn't even have her gym clothes.

"And you're stubborn. Here take my shirt, and don't look at me like that or you're gonna find yourself bent over that desk again." He passed her his black shirt and put on his long sleeved shirt. He bowed. "See, not a jerk."

She stared at him at him for a moment. "No, now you're not an ass." She turned around trying for a little modesty and took of what was left of her shirt. She turned around to see if he was peaking and found him looking over her shoulder at her chest. She gasped at his pleased smile and, completely against her will, giggled at his pout when she put on her newly acquired shirt.

"This is really big on me. I bet because you're a giant at 6 feet somthing while I'm at the size of a dwarf." She looked up from her 5'2" to his profile and wondered why he was here. Maybe he had an itch and she was the nearest girl to scratch it. The shame came in a ten-fold. But what was that all about when he demanded why she was crying? It was none of his business and she wasn't planning to tell him.

"It's perfect. The boyfriend fit, you look good in my clothes Mari." Her name rolled off his tongue like a caress and her body responded to it as one. She felt a shiver run down her back as he smiled. It was a sharp and boyish smile making her ache for him all over again. She mentally kicked herself for thinking of getting involved with the like of Jace. He spoke the next words with concealed laughter in his voice and eyes. "Like my own little urchin."

"Shut up, Ace." The nickname that her and her friend had created slipped from her swollen lips unnoticed to the dark haired girl.

But not to Jace.

He noticed everything.

Like the way Mari's fingers shook as she took of her hair tie out of her hair, gathered the tail of her shirt and tied into a knot tucking it under the shirt.

He watched as she avoided his eyes as she used his sunglasses to check her hair and make-up.

"I can't believe this." It was her voice. That was what messed him up. He was supposed to get the job done and leave.

Not lose control.

The way he touched her was out of character for him. It filled him with a sort of male slash animal sadistic kind of power. It both shamed and powered him.

Wiping his mouth with the tips of his fingers, he realized he did loose control. The fingers on his lips were a little shaky... He definitely lost control.

She made her way to the door with her hands raunning through her hands. Did she expect to just leave?

"Wha-" He jogged to her, his breathe still came at a higher rate. "Mari, where are you going?"

Before he could even reach for her, she gave him a look; throwing her ripped shirt at him. "To class."

As she walked out of the class, his thoughts began to crinkle like a brown paper bag. His thoughts overlapped one another; the crinkling noise the feelings made were overlapping his reason. Running his hand over his face, he bit down on his lip only to bring back the taste of her.

A pill of passion accompanied by a brisk wind of innocence to unsettle things. Her flavor would be there for the rest of the day… and he didn't mind as much as he thought he would.

He shook out her shirt; looking at it, it was as if it was for a baby doll it was so small. The few brass buttons held onto the fabric with the thin strands of thread left. Jace ran his thumb over the button; it was hard, sturdy and hanging on by the last thread. A bit like him.

Shaking his head, he gripped the shirt by the middle and made his way out the door only to be attacked by the soccer team.

"Jace!" The starters circled around Jace; the smile on their face made it obvious that they knew the game was in their hands tonight. Thanks to Jace.

"Hey, was Coach mad when I didn't make it to practice this morning?" Jace had told the coach that it was personal. And it was, he needed to see Mari and throw the first stone.

"Pissed." Jace didn't even bother hiding Mari's shirt; the guys were too hyped in the game tonight to be anything other than airheaded athletes. "We have suicides before the game."

The other guys in the group groaned and started the mandatory jeering of Jace. It was as if they really thought they were his friends, Jace scoffed at the thought. They only wanted to be near him because he was seen as popular- something he never even wanted for himself. But his popularity would help with Mari. It was the perfect plan.

"Damn, Coach tries to play tough but I bet he isn't. He won't tire us out before a game," he played the part of teammate as they all expect. But all he really wanted to do was take out the lip ring impaling on his lip. He hated the thing, but he knew enough about girls that they fell for the bad boy routine.

Well he thought he knew, Mari was a bit difficult. A bit different than he expected. She gave in , yes but not after a few pushes on her side.

But he was always up for a challenge.

One of the guys pulled him back as the team made their way to their individual classes. "You said you had something important to do. Did you get it done?"

He thought of the way she avoided looking at him afterward, and how her hands shook, "Yeah, I got it done."

He was going to ruin the not-so-wallflower Marilyn Steel.

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