Wendy Flannagan

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1 - Wendy's Beginnings - 1

It was May 10, in California, a nice warm spring day. Wendy Flannagan was celebrating her first birthday. She had brown curly hair at the moment, blue eyes, and always smiling for some reason. She ate two slices of the cake, and then fell asleep. Her mother, Nanette always wondered why she never go into those tantrums, like the other babies, down the street. She laid her to rest in the white crib. She pulled up her blanket which had a pattern of stars, moons, and suns.

Her house was fairly average-sized. The street, known as "Opal Drive", was known for the most friendly people. It was clean and tidy, and the people were very social - again something that Nanette didn't understand as she moved in just a week ago. Nanette was cranky by nature, her husband Fernand, was usually busy, so she hardly saw him. She had faith that one day he'd quit his job, and help around the house more often - yeah like that was going to happen.

Nanette gave out a big sigh, as she got out of bed. She looked to the otherside of the bed, he was gone. She was sad, as Fernand hardly talked to him last night, and noticed that he just went to bed, and said "Goodnight My Love". Well at least he added the "My Love" part. Otherwise she'd suspect something...

Wendy woke up about two or three hours later, and she started to giggle. Nanette, was reading one of those parenting manuals at the time. Still, Wendy in her eyes was quite perfect, she really never fussed over anything, and for that Nanette was thankful, since it was stressful enough with some people at work. She asked the Mrs. Sarina Simona to babysit Wendy for her. Wendy liked Mrs. Simona alot. As she wasn't one of those "batty" old ladies who rambled about the 50's and cats. Mrs. Simona one day left Wendy a gigantic teddy bear, which ultimately became her favorite.

Through the next several days, Fernand came home more often at a much acceptable time. To much of Nanette's liking. While most of the time, Mrs. Simona often talked to Nanette about things, such as things dealing with Fernand and Wendy. Later that week Mrs. Simona was making salad for herself to eat as she was obviously hungry, and Wendy was playing with the teddy bear. It wasn't before long that Nanette came home, and gave Mrs. Simona some brochures.

"What are these for?" asked Mrs. Simona.

"These, Sarina, are brochures for Wendy's pre-school... I was wondering what school would you reccomend, since your pratically a veteran of Valeria Hills."

"Ahh... I see Nanette. Well if I were you I think Water Front Pre-School, is the best."

"Really? Why?"

"Oh simply because most of the kids I know go there, and they love it. Only one boy, what was his name? Oh yes, Abel Martyland. He went to Londers, and well he was bullied a lot. That was just last year."

"Oh, thanks Sarina."

"No problem." said Mrs. Simona taking another bite of her salad, making that crunch noise.

The summer came, and so did fall. Before you knew, it was already winter - December to be exact.

Wendy was celebrating her second Christmas, with Mrs. Simona, Carla Jensen, Vick Jensen their neighbors, and her parents. Nanette met Carla one day when she was taking out the trash, and the two immedieately became friends. Carla was a tall African-American woman with black curly hair, Carla also brought her daughter Ileana.

Ileana was often described as a nice girl, and often got along together with Wendy. They eventually celebrated their 3rd birthdays, both with birthday parties. Nanette was extremely nervous that Wendy's wouldn't be the best, as she never really knew how to plan a 3-year-old's birthday. Wendy, having already taken her first steps, was running around the house chasing after the new puppy she got two days ago. Nanette named her "Fern", because the pup, took a liking to their fern plant.

Though, by the time it was the birthday week. Nanette had dramatically calmed down. Mrs. Simona and Fernand were rather surprised.

"No pressure... No pressure... No pressure..." though Nanette.

"Hun, it won't be a disaster." said Fernand, massaging her shoulders.

"Sure, it wont'..." said Nanette.

It was the birthday party, and the whole thing was a success. The most special thing that happened was that Wendy made a new friend - Christilie Phoebe Valentina Odette Black. Her mother, Philomena Arlette Emily Gillian Black, was quite nice as well. When Nanette first heard name she thought she might be some snobby lady, but it turns out it, she was just as normal as Nanette was. Though more depressing in a way.

It seemed like a month or two for Nanette, but it turns out Wendy was now four. She was thinking that it was almost time for Pre-School, Water Front. In July of that year, a new family moved accross the street from them. It was the Landsea Family. Mr. and Mrs. Landsea were quite nice, and rather had good taste in Art. As their house had turned of portraits all over the place.

"I love the paintings!" said Nanette observing them.

"Oh why thank you!" smiled Mrs. Landsea.

"So, Arden, what brings you here?" asked Nanette.

"Well, I wanted to move away from the whole urban scene." said Mrs. Landsea, sitting down at the table with Nanette. She then took a sip of a tea,

"Oh I see. Well do you have any children?" asked Nanette.

"Why, yes I do have one son - Todd. He's four, and he's quite the messy one too." said Mrs. Landsea with a chuckle.

"Well hey, that's great I have a daughter, Wendy! Wow, maybe they'll be friends."

"Really? What pre-school are you planning on sending Wendy too?"

"Water Front, I hear it's quite nice."

"Oh yes, Water Front, I've heard about it. I actually drove by it, and it's quite nice."

"Well, also there's another four-year-old too, Christilie Black. They live about six doors down, and the family is quite nice." said Nanette with a smile.

"Really? It seems like I moved to the right place I guess." said Arden with a slight chuckle, before her and Nanette continued to have some more small talk.


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