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Agony. Grief. Anger. These all passed through Agar's mind as he fell down into the mortal realm, clouds all around him, he knew it had come... just as the stranger had predicted, he was dying and he knew it.

One step, two steps, stumbles. That was all he could manage after the fall from the sky, a hole in the concrete proved he had just falling many kilometres from above.

A small mocking laugh had started in the distance as he trudged forward, it was a laugh that echoed through his head as it had for many years, and he had been waiting for this. The mighty god had found out his plan and... He couldn't finish, slowly everything was turning black. The concrete got slowly closer as he fell with as much dignity as he could manage, his anger at the mighty god was raging like a fire inside him as he slowly fell to the ground. This was the end. Still the laugh, as he left the world laugh so did the laugh, it would be gone forever, a relief from this god forsaken world.

Grief had overcome him, all this for revenge, and he had been tricked, a simple trick he should have seen this coming, I'm a simple minded fool, he thought as he coughed up blood, how could I fall for that. But why am I still alive? He looked around him, no one was there, but the laughter in his head was echoing away, he was finally free.


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