Chapter 3- Followed


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The wind was blowing harshly on the shabby hotels windows. It was a surprise that they didn't break, and the fading plastered walls, a dying yellow, had a leak. As Agar sat there, looking out the grimy window, a slow feeling of hunger came over him. As he gathered up a large black cloak he had bought yesterday and headed for the door. As he exited the room he locked the door behind him, much to the locks protest as this took well over three minutes, he walked hesitantly down the steps, each groaning under the weight of the full grown man. As he headed towards the exit of the hotel, he was stopped abruptly by the manager. 'You don' wanna go ou' there, sonny,' he said, joyfully, as he headed towards the counter.

'Oh and why not?' replied Agar sharply as he took another step towards the door.

'Well, see, there's a storm brewin', and you'd be caught righ' in the middle o' it if ya left now,' he said a lot more hesitantly after he heard the scorn in Agar's voice.

'Just shut up, and let me go in peace, I don't care if there's freak tidal waves, it's better than talking to you. No little storm is going to stop me!' And with that Agar strode out the door and heard murmuring behind saying stuff around the lines of, 'I tries to warn 'im, I did' and 'poor fellow goin' to be frozen for the rest o' the day'.

The winds slapped at his face relentlessly, as he walked down the deserted path towards... anywhere. He knew he had better head back soon, his body was only human after all, but he didn't really want to go back to the hotel room and do nothing but gaze absentmindedly at the leaking, peeling plaster. But as the winds increased steadily by the hour, he noticed very clearly that inside the houses and out, there was no one else, as he scanned around him he saw only one person. He was wearing a bright turquoise shirt and dark red pants, which were clashing terribly, and as Agar noticed, he to seemed to aware that most people were becoming still and silent, and he too had no idea why. Noticing, the strangely clothed man was leering at him, he took a few steps along the footpath and entered once again the 'Shopping Mall'. Looking around he noticed the man seemed to be walking in the other direction. As he walked through the deserted isles of the mall he noticed that all the shops were closed. Why was everything so quite?


After the chaos through the heavenly realm, everything seemed to be eerily quiet. Every time someone took a step it echoes off the walls, and into the corridors of the castle. Audric, even though the chaos was unbearable, thought that this hushed state that had descended upon the realm was worse. As he gazed feebly outside the jail cell window he noticed that many people would've died if he hadn't executed Agar, but now the time had come, he could hear the scraping of chains as bars as guards drew closer to him. He had to win his case, become ruler again, and make sure that all realms, well not the mortal, understood what Agar had done. Even if it was the last thing he did.


A flash of blue made his head turn quickly to the side, what was it? As he walked down the footpath, the wind tackling him as he struggled against it, towards the place he was staying, a good walk away, he noticed that people were looking at him out of their windows as if he was mad; well according to the mortal law he was, and according to the heavenly realm; he was dead. The weird looks followed him most if the way to the hotel although he kept seeing sudden flashes of blue nearby; maybe he was just seeing things? 

As he reached the door of the hotel, it seemed to resist every attempt he made to open it, after quite a while he just kicked a few times really hard before it have way and allowed him entrance. Windswept and angry he grabbed his key out of his pocket as the manager came out, looked at him, shook his head, then walked away. He marched up the creaking stairs. Eventually he made it to his door, angry, he slammed it open after he turned the key in the lock. 'Stupid mortals... no warning... crazy...,' as he stormed around his room he threw a few chairs out of his way. There was a small flash of red past his window, but he ignored it, must just be a bit of material. As he slammed himself onto the bed, he heard a light tap on the door. 'What?' he snapped.

'Erm... I was just wonderin' if ya coul' kee' it down in there?' he said, hesitantly. Agar growled.

'I thought I made it clear I didn't want to talk to you.'

'Well we 'ade complaints, see, and it's ma job to make sure ya keep it down.' After a second of silence Agar replied. 'Very well.' And there was a shuffling of feet as the manager left. After deciding that he couldn't go outside again, and that there was nothing he could do otherwise he climbed into bed and sleep engulfed him.


Almost all the realms turned up to the trial, Audric was in the middle of the giant circular dome. All eyes seemed to bore into Audric as he stood waiting for the trial to begin. 'Audric, the mighty realm ruler, you are here today under the basis that—' but he was interrupted as all the bystanders roared with life, Audric could hear some of them yelling 'guilty' others saying 'innocent' and some other words that he didn't think he wanted to hear. 'SILENCE. Now Audric you are here under the basis that you misused your power, you executed Agar for, apparently, no reason, except, as you claim, treason.' There was murmur following these words, the judge looked at them all, and they fell silent.

'It was treason, he—' but Audric was cut off.

'Treason, Audric, Agar never committed treason. He may have broken a few rules every now and then, but what do you expect from him?' The judge looked piercingly at Audric, who looked straight into his eyes and replied.

'No, this was much more than a few rules, but, alas, yes it was treason. If I hadn't acted as I had then many of us wouldn't be here now.' He looked around at the gathered audience, and as best as he could, continued on, 'Agar was recruiting, he didn't like his position and he was taking any means of overthrowing us... he was in fact committing mutiny. Well trying to at least, until I found out what he was doing, and then well... you know what happened,' he looked around himself, some people were looking doubtful others unsure, and the rest hopeful. The judge left the room and quite a while later came back and said, 'Audric, ruler of the realms, we find you—'


There was a sudden movement outside and Agar sat up as sharply. There was something outside his window. A flash of blue passed the glass and Agar slowly stood up. As a look of annoyance soon etched upon his face, he slid open the window as quietly as he could, which wasn't very quiet considering the rusted metal scraped as he pulled it open. The cold wind attacked his face at once, but this time he had been expecting and he ignored the chilly winds, looking around he saw nothing. But there was a small figure moving around the corner of the street, as he turned his head towards the figure, it was gone.

The morning air swooped around him as he lay in bed, chilled to the bone, he slowly got up. He had left the window open last night as he attempted to see whoever was outside his window. Although, now that he was awake he thought the whole thing seemed a bit far-fetched. Who, in the mortal realm, could pass his window and be down the street by the time he looked out? No one. The box beside his bed, he wondered what it was, was moving now. There were people inside it, and they were moving and talking. What magic was this? As he stared at it, dumbfounded, he soon found that it would look very weird if someone saw him like this, so, he quickly looked away and exited the room. As he walked down the creaking steps there was someone at the bottom, they were wearing the same clothes as the man yesterday. Turquoise top, dark red pants. As he practically ran down the steps, he noticed that the man was no longer there but exiting through the door. He sprinted as fast as he could towards the door, but the manager was soon in front of him. 'Hello again,' he said as if there last encounter had been a happy time.

'I'm kind of busy, can't you see?' he said sharply.

'We' after how we me' last time, I thought you might wanna, you kno', get to know each other better?'

'Why would I want to know you?' and with this he walked out, trying to pursuit, though he already knew he wouldn't there, the man in the eccentric clothing.


His breaths came out in ragged puffs, as he sprinted everywhere he had visited. There had been no sight of the eccentric man. As he entered a street he had already visited three times, he noticed that there was a small movement behind a bush further up the street. He edged cautiously closer, all his focus upon this small bush. As he made a slow progress up the street, as quietly as he could, and he eventually made it to the bush. As he looked slowly over the bush, there was nothing there. 'What are we looking for?' said a sudden wheezy voice behind him. Agar, shocked, fell over into the bush and looked up to the stranger that had talked to him. His clothes stood out most of all, bright blue shirt, dark red pants, this was him, the one he had been looking for all morning.

'You!' Agar finally managed to say after the shock subsided.

'Me?' wheezed the man.

'Yes, you, I've been looking for you!' he exclaimed as he stood up.

'Have you? Why?' asked the man obviously confused.

'Yeah, I've seen you a lot lately... Wait, why are you always wearing the same clothes?'

'These are my favourite colours! So I wear clothes that are these colours... Are they— bad?' he asked hesitantly.

'Well, they are for the mortal— I mean, yeah they are.'

'The mortal what?'

'Nothing! What's your name?' They looked at each other for a while and Agar realised that this man had very dark eyes, almost black, as if they had very little colour in them.



'Look, he's making the thing up!' said a man, one of eight, around a large conference table.

'He looks like he's telling the truth. I reckon he's innocent!' Half of the godly politicians thought Audric was innocent, half thought he was guilty.

'Well, we can't vote, considering half of us think he's guilty and the other half innocent. So what do we do?' said another politician, logically.

'Well, there is one way,' said another.


'We let Audric provide evidence...' The man said again, at these words there was silence, then majority of them nodded.

'Well then that makes him—'

'Innocent, for now, but if he doesn't convince us, he's guilty.' At these they all agreed and the judge left to give the verdict.


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