In your relationship to other signs you are often attracted by the spiritual and free-spirited and Equilebrium. You are also attracted to mystery and those who exhibit eccentricities, which are the opposite of your own character. You can agree with another Aries as long as all goes well, but at the first sign of trouble, watch out for sparks flying!


You have more chance of getting along with other steadfast signs. For example, Aries, Virgo and other Tauruses. You should however be on guard against anyone with air and water signs, particularly Geminis and Scorpios, who do attract you.


You have a certain tendency to search for your exact opposite, like Taurus or Aries. These signs can be positive signs for you if your ascendants agree with this ; (it is necessary to remember the importance that the ascendant plays in human relations). You can match well with Aquarius, whose quietness can be beneficial to you.


Curiously, you have good relations with opposite signs, such as Leo or Aquarius. The first, with its impetuous and brilliant temperament will help you with your dreams. The second with its tranquility and quietness will soothe you. (This is provided that your ascendants agree. )

With Earth signs, there will always be the risk of your never really understanding each other. Be especially cautious of Gemini in romantic relationships, because your sensitivity will not mix with their changeableness.


With other Leos sparks may fly. One of the two must make some concessions to the other, and this will not always be easy. Your relations may consist of spectacular confrontations, or of obstinate unwillingness to listen.

On the other hand you may surround yourself with signs such as Cancer and Aries who will often be ready to understand or admire you. In your private life a Sagittarius may be a very useful contact. Beware, however, of the signs of Air, particularly Geminis: all may go well with them for a time, but a fire can break out extremely quickly and ruin everything.


Your temperament pushes you to get along with any sign, although some of them will later prove to be dangerous for you. This isn't a reason to avoid them, but being aware will help you to avoid unpleasantness. Therefore you should be careful of Leo, Geminis, and above all of Libras, who can lure you in with their charm and their originality.

You will be able to appreciate certain Tauruses, who may share your taste for stability but who will always be trying to gain control over you. Be careful with Scorpios - avoid their tendency to complicate emotional relations and to cause suffering for pleasure.


You can deal very well with the instability of Geminis, and this may even attract you greatly, but if you're not careful you may suffer for it. You can have excellent experiences with Virgos, and may even form lasting relationships.

You are attracted by Leos, but beware there as well. You risk boredom or problems of behavior with Taurus, Capricorn, and Aries. A relationship with a Scorpio may be either great passion or complete opposition.


You get along fairly well with Cancers as long as both your imaginations are alike; if not, the relationships risk being superficial. You should learn to truly appreciate certain aspects of Capricorns, who may be able to bring you a lot.

You risk getting into conflict with Tauruses as soon as these relations become too close. With Geminis certain passions can become excessive and end badly. Aquariuses have an instinctive tendency to flee from you. It's up to you to decide whether you want to win them over.


It's possible to get along well with Capricorns. There is sexual attraction with Scorpios but these relationships may be risky. It is difficult for you to understand Geminis, and passion or rejection are the two forms of romantic relations between your two signs.

You can relate well to Tauruses as long as your intuition is active and brings gaiety to the relationship. Contact with Pisces is difficult. You can live happy moments with Leos, but be careful of superficial friendships and of disenchantment.


You can get along with Capricorns, even though they don't always attract you. In fact you have a tendency to occasionally go towards those who can be the most difficult for you, particularly Geminis or Scorpios.

You have qualities in common with Virgo, but there is also risk of tension. Tauruses can be very beneficial for you, if you know how to deal with them.


You do not relate well with the earth signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.
You have more in common with the water signs such as Scorpio and Cancer at
the risk of serious tensions especially with Cancer.

You may have some intense relationships with Gemini but these will prove
very difficult to maintain on a lasting basis.


You tend to seek out the more dynamic signs such as the Aries, Taurus, Scorpios and Capricorns although these may at times harm you.

You are one of the rare signs who can tolerate for any length of time the air signs: Aquarius, Libra and above all Gemini on condition you can take much upon yourself which will not always be positive. You may have valid and lasting relationships, despite certain obstacles, with those born under the sign of Cancer.

I growled as I read the relationship horoscopes. I'm stuck with Pisces? They're the only ones who can supposedly handle a Gemini. But there was one teeny little problem: I like a Sagittarius, and he can fear 'rejection or passion' from me.

I sighed. Love stinks, especially when you've been told bluntly that you can't be with one you like. He likes another Sagittarius, and it's said that they are not made for each other. Capricorns are the only good matches for Sagittariuses.

Which really, really, stunk.

I'm a Gemini, born in June on Friday the Thirteenth. So I'm back luck. I've got black hair and brown eyes, and have a fascination for mythology, superstitions, and legends. I am considered the Bad Luck Girl of my town.

The guy I like is a Sagittarius, born December 5. In other words, off limits. But I hoped to change that.