It had been storming for the whole day. At the edge of a canyon, a lone figure sat just to the left of an old juniper tree. To the figure's left was an almost-empty bottle labeled Jack Daniel's. The figure's hair hung in front of her eyes, plastered to her face and jacket by the rain and wind. Something that resembled a chain was wrapped around her ankle.

Her watch beeped that it was midnight. She should've been inside three hours ago, but she couldn't seem to sleep. She turned her head upwards, blinking tears and rain out of her eyes. A flash danced across the sky for second, quickly followed by a roar of thunder. She tilted her head back down and pulled at her soaked black hoodie. She reached down and grabbed the bottle next to her. Tilting her head back up and bringing the bottle to her lips, she finished what remained of its contents.

Another flash of lightning lit up the area around her. Just as the thunder rolled, she wound up and threw the bottle at a tree, shattering it. She shoved her hand back into her pocket and drew out a photograph of two smiling people. She crumpled the photo and dropped it over the edge of the canyon, watching as it disappeared into the rushing water below.

Another flash of lightning hit dangerously close to where she was. She glanced uncaringly as the thunder roared deafeningly. She put her hands on the ground and pushed herself up into a crouch, and then stood. She kicked a stray rock over the edge of the canyon before turning away. She let her body slouch, shoved her hands in her pockets, and started to walk away.

She stopped after walking about ten feet and looked up towards the sky again. She tilted her head forward before her expression changed from one of sadness to anger. She bared her teeth and a low growl emitted from her throat. She turned on her heels and ran to the edge of the canyon. She didn't stop when she reached the edge; instead she merely switched into a diving position and jumped off the ledge.

There was a ripping sound as two wings jutted out of her back. Both held the shape of a bat's wings, but were covered in black, blue, and grey feathers. Angling her wings, she altered her downward course she just glided over the rapids before turning upwards and flapping to fly up to the top of the canyon. She reached down and pulled at the chain wrapped around her ankle until one of the links broke. She dropped the chains into the river below.

Sirens resounded in the distance, though by the time anyone reached the edge of the canyon, she was long gone.