At breakfast, we do not demure sorries or try to collate
greivances (those hoary dictates that left us wanting
last night so many nights we nosed through empty
garbage as vile possums in pink satin slippers we played
dead to each other to the world) this morning we drink
amaretto toddies & reach around the table scrape
chairs across the floor so we can exchange kisses on
wrists crush palmfulls of serviceberries to slavor
onto clavicles just so we can fondle claret blots of
stained skin under my hand your crow's feet caw at
my callouses my lips weld themselves to your eyelids
you keep them closed let me imprint your retina with
elderflower petals press your thumb into my pulse point
jumps to your hand dipped beneath my knee supporting
me us on the cotton the dishes smashed I inhale raspberry
terra cotta tile speckled with shards of jelly porcelain you sigh
on my cheek we nap in spilt milk burnt toast till noon.