The horrible stench nearly made him gag. He flipped the body over with his muddy boot, aiming at it with his old rifle the entire time; it was his neighbor. He shook his head, bent down, and closed his late neighbor's eyes. They'll pay.

He heard a shuffling behind him. He immediately turned, rifle aimed at a row of dense bushes. Seconds passed as he waited for one of them to emerge. Nothing. He lowered the rifle, and continued forward through the quiet neighborhood.

He passed countless mangled bodies, noticing familiar faces every once in a while. After walking through his dark and empty neighborhood for about twenty minutes, he saw one. It was just standing around near an empty house. It looked male, but he couldn't tell, because it was too far away; he wanted to keep it that way. He raised his rifle to his face, and aimed it at the thing's head. He took a deep breath, held it, and fired. Hit. It collapsed, blood sprayed from where the bullet penetrated it's skull.

He opened the chamber, releasing the shell. He quickly loaded in another bullet, and aimed it again, making sure it was dead. He was scanning the area in front of him, when he heard a soft moan behind him. Son of a- He turned to see one of them limping towards him. It was a female. She was missing part of her jaw, and her left hand looked burnt and mangled. Just like all of the others that he had seen, she was decayed like a month old corpse.

He raised the rifle, aimed, and fired. Blood poured from her throat from where the bullet hit, but she kept advancing towards him; moaning the entire time.

He ran backwards, and opened the chamber of his rifle; once again releasing the empty shell. He fumbled in his pocket, and pulled out another bullet, loading it into his weapon. He stopped, aimed, and fired. Blood sprayed from under her left eye, and she collapsed. He sighed, and lowered his weapon. He then reloaded his rifle, and felt through his pocket. He counted three more rounds in his right pocket, and a box of twenty-four rounds in his left pocket.

He turned, and continued on through the dark and ominous neighborhood.