A pair of aged spectacles

I did find one day

I believe it was the middle of May.

I found an inscription on the side

"Time is the rule by which we must all abide."

These words then put me into thought,

My mind and soul simply fought and fought

My mind contemplated scientific nonsense

My soul feared a malevolent presence

Then it elegantly graced my mind

Humans are one of a kind

They will spend a lifetime in search of meaning

Then spend a few hours simply cleaning

The spectacles had been cleaned

And then engraved

With these words, of which I am afraid.

Why fear simple words?

Because they are not as natural as a musical chord.

Musical notes simply feel right

Allowing them to be known does not cause a fright.

Why follow the rules of time?

How about add some flavor to your life?

How would you like a pinch more of thyme?