A New Light

A New Light

The memories come flooding back

The memories of when you were here

The places we went, just you and me

I hope those memories never disappear

You said that in twenty years or so

We'd maybe meet each other again

That I'd be a grown up by then

And that we'd get through this pain

And now just ten years have passed

I'm going to see you once more

But it's not for the reason we wanted

And it won't be the same as before

As the years go on we're still in pain

This hasn't ended like you told me

But I don't hate you like I used to, Dad

I'm grown up now as you can see

I still hear your voice sometimes

And I turn to see if it's really you

I miss you even though you hurt me

But I know you don't miss me too

You hate me for being so much like you

But I was brought up just the same

I guess you don't really care for me

I'm just something that's there to blame

So if you want to blame me for all this

Then do so, just leave mum alone

You got out, you don't get the abuse

You can choose to put down the phone

I'm stuck here to cope with it all

But I'm not just some kid any more

I'm not putting up with your insults

History isn't going to repeat like before

A/N: I finally understand why my Dad acted like he did. And I wrote this as a result of that. I know there's not much chance he'll be reading this but if he ever does somehow come across it I want him to know that I'm sorry for hating him. And I'm sorry for everything I thought about him as well. It turns out I was blaming the wrong person in all of this. Sorry Dad.