Everything looked hazy to Mel as she drove the car into the mall car park. Though the mall was really crowded, they managed to veer into a spot at the east end. But even after she had stopped, she sat motionless with her hands clasped over the steering wheel staring at the brick wall in front of them.

Sheela touched Mel's hand slowly. "Hey." She said softly, trying to break her free from her emotionally drugged mind.
Mel burst into tears.
"Why, Sheela Why?" She sobbed. "Why are guys such dickheads?"
Sheela shrugged in response, offering her a tissue.

"Why is he such an asshole?"

Sheela had no idea what to say but she still tried to comfort her. "All guys are losers, Mel. They all have their crappy qualities. I mean, I should have lost hope in them by now and turned lesbo. But…"

But? Mel looked at Sheela closely. She was obviously lost in thought. But…maybe she met someone.

"Do you like my brother?"

Sheela looked surprised. She didn't think it was that easy to read her face.
"Is it that obvious?" She asked hesitatingly.

"Well.." Mel smiled teasingly, wiping away at her eyes. "..I don't know. He likes you too, you know."

Sheela looked at her wide-eyed. A bubble of elation danced in her. He likes me, he likes me, he likes me… She caught Mel almost ready to sob again. Oh crap..

"Its obvious for you as well, you know."

That caught her attention. Mel looked at her, stunned. "What?"

"You like Stone."

Mel snorted. "Don't ever talk of that asshole in front of me again. I hate him!" She pulled out the keys and got out of the car.

haha, she likes Stone, she likes Stone…. Sheela smiled to herself as she trailed behind Mel.

An hour later Elliot joined them. He was already exhausted and was going to call off the plan of going to the mall but the guys forced him to come. He was acting as their spy.

He spoke quietly into his phone. "Okay now we're moving into Marks and Spencer's."

"Who are you talking to, El?" Mel asked him, wrapping her hand around his offering him some candy floss.

"Uh..no one."

"Oh my God, El, that guy is totally checking you out."


"Stand here. Nooooo don't turn." She stopped him from looking in that direction. "You're making it obvious. Wait he's turning. He has got the cutest behind ever!"

Elliot finally turned. And what he saw completely blew him away.
wow, baby. The guy caught his eye. "Oh God, Mel he's coming this way."
The phone started vibrating in his pocket but he paid no attention to it.

"Hey." The guy said. "Aren't you that guy from the band who played at that club earlier today?"

Elliot gulped "Yeah?"

"You were so awesome! I mean,…uh the whole band was really good. My name's Joel." He stuck out his hand.


Mel grinned at Sheela. Tugging at Elliot's sleeve she whispered into his ear "I'm taking Sheela into Marks and Spencers okay? You can stand here and hang out with your soul mate."

The girls giggled and walked off leaving Elliot in a dizzying kind of dream with his (supposed) soulmate.

Stone was thoroughly pissed off with Elliot for not picking up the phone. Luke was sitting in the car next to him. Deepak was busy trying to dial Elliot.

"Its your call, man."

Stone nodded. He got out of the car. It was time he made the move. He made his way into the mall.

Stone was about to squish Elliot into a pulp but he caught sight of Sheela outside one of the changing rooms. Luke had not seen them but he whispered into Stone's ear, "Whatever you do, don't fuck up tonight. I'll be at the McDonalds with Deepak opposite.


Luke and Deepak managed to drag Elliot an Joel into Mcdonalds where they patiently waited for the outcome over Big Macs and coke.

Stone made his way to the changing rooms. Sheela widened her eyes at the sight of him. She was about to warn Mel but Stone put a finger to his lips. She sighed.
He whispered, "Tell her you want to come in."
She murmured angrily back. "What are you crazy?"

He shot her a pleading look. He saw that stony look on her face and knew she wasn't going to budge. So he tried the last card he had.

"Luke's waiting for you at Mcdonalds."



She sighed again and nodded. The door opened slightly when she called out, "Hey Mel, I got something else for you to try out." More like someone else.

Stone mouthed a thank you as she walked off. She turned after a second to see Stone slipping away into the booth.


Mel froze when she saw him. She was in the process of removing a red top, her hands having already opened half the buttons. "What are you doing here?" She asked abruptly.
"Where's Sheela? You're not allowed to be here. This is the ladie-"

"I know." Stone didn't know what to say. He just stood there digging his hands in his pocket. He tried very, very hard not to let his eyes look any further down.

"Go away. Why did you come? I hate you. All you do is insult me. You should go and party with those bitches you obviously like.." She was almost on the verge of crying, "I don't care what you do.."

A rambling Mel meant she was nervous.

"…Get lost, before I call the cops on you."

Stone crossed his arms, eyebrows shooting up, unimpressed. "For what ? Invading your private space? I don't think so."

"You are nothing but an arrogant jerk who thinks way too much of himself and has no respect for anybody's feelings whatsoever, you-"

He wanted to shut her up so he did the first thing that came to his mind.

Mel found herself shoved up against the wall, her arms pinned by his well build ones and could feel his chest on hers. She looked up to find grey eyes intently staring at her.

"I love you."

But even before Mel could even assess the impact of his words, his lips met hers, kissing her away into a whirlwind of emotions. He started off slowly, nibbling at her lower lips. But it was only when Mel started kissing back that he kissed her more feverishly, their tongues entwining discovering each other, slowly letting his hands roam all over her. There was a lot of regret, sadness, anger, love, and forgiveness cocooned in that kiss. After a while, they pulled away breathing heavily, stunned with the enormity of what had just happened.

"Well." Mel looked at the mirror, observing the panting figure next to her "I've always really liked you too."

"I'm sorry for being such a jerk. I never liked those girls. Its was just…just a way to keep me distracted from you. I was always scared because you were my best friends sister, you know. It wasn't easy. And I didn't know how he would take it. But now, he's okay with it."

"He knows?"

"Yeah, I told him. Elliot and Dee and already figured it out."

Before Mel could say anymore, he buried his head in her neck, clasping his arms to her waist. He was unwilling to let go.

"We better meet the others." She looked up at him, worriedly.

"Yeah, we should." They got out of the changing room but not before another heated session of making out.


"Hey anyone seen Stone? I mean, he's disappeared for like half an hour?" Deepak dipped his french-fry into ketchup, looking very bored at the sight of a giggling Elliot feeding Joel.

"Has anyone seen my sister? Sheela..." Luke turned to her. "You were with her last right? But even Mel doesn't take that long for shopping."

He caught a very guilty look on Sheela's face.
He placed his palm on hers. "Where exactly are they, Sheela?"

The whole table stopped whatever they were doing and looked at her.

"They're in one of the changing room at Marks and Spencers."

"Together?" Luke nearly fainted.

Elliot spoke up, "Well Luke no need to get so hyper man. You should have seen Mel before. She was furious. I think we need to be more worried of news of Stone's death hitting the headlines tomorrow."

"Hey guys…" Deepak cut in uncertainly. "I'm not sure..but I think that's them heading out of the changing rooms."

Luke stared in that direction. Mel and Stone were walking towards them holding hands.

"Okay so I could have been wrong about the Mel killing Stone theory."

Luke shot Elliot a death glare.

That night, once they got back no one went to sleep. Sheela convinced her mom into staying over at 'Mel's place'. Luke and Sheela sat on the front door steps, talking away the whole night which Deepak kept interrupting by passing them drinks and food just to keep an eye over Sheela but drifted off when a potential girlfriend called him up.

Elliot and Joel were doing their 'thing' behind Stone's bedroom room which Stone was very unhappy about but he realized he had never seen Elliot this happy before.

He took a blanket up to the roof where he and Mel sat watching the stars and the night glazing over their heads with the promise of life. There wasn't the usual cigarette embedded between his fingers because tonight, he had the high he required.

"I'm calling that star Mel."

Mel asked teasingly, "Whose this Mel you speak of? I thought you loved me."

"Oh she's just the girl I'm cheating on you with. I'm always going to love her."

I'm always going to love her. Mel looked at him, astonished looking on with the wide brown eyes that he loved so much.

"I'll always love you too." She tugged at his collar and brought him closer for a kiss.

It was on that roof, later that night when Mel was asleep next to him, her head on his chest, looking up at the stars, that he realized this must be what it feels like to be content. He stroked her hair, wondering if could feel this happiness settling in him forever.

He was awake the whole night. Leaning over the roof, he found Sheela and Luke fallen asleep on the stairs. He was about to go back onto the blanket when he saw Deepak grinning at him.

He grinned back. Deepak pointed in the direction of the upcoming sun. The horizon was turned the blue into a honey colored smile, blushing its way upwards. There was something so beautiful about the change of colors, the halves of day and night merging into each other peacefully.
He looked on, waiting for the future to come and find them dreaming and joining the fractures of life together, for better or for worse days to come.

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