By: Keefin Bickmore

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Journal recovered July 17th from Explorer John Martinez's body after being shot when he attacked officials, at a beach in Hawaii three crew members found dead on the boat, the rest missing. Each of them, including John had very distinct mutations like a larger stretched out mouth, with very tight ash gray skin. After they searched his boat, the Great Expedition, they found this Journal.

March 31, 2008

Finally I have clearance to take a group of researchers, around 40 people, into the Amazon Forest to find new animal and plant species. The expedition is costing me a fortune already. Around 4.2 million for the boat and the food, another estimated 20.8 million will be spent on the equipment. The Expedition all together will cost around 100 million half from my pocket. I BETTER FIND SOMETHING.

June 18, 2008

I never thought I would get here, but traveling by boat with loads of equipment and getting everything together takes a while. Technically we got here June 17 but we were getting everything out of the boat and ready to go. We started traveling today and had been traveling most of the day, and we're all dripping with sweat, it's so humid. Oh, and something I forgot to mention the Amazon rain forest is 1.2 billion acres. Imagine how many new species we could find! I am very confident that this is going to go well.

June 25, 2008

I haven't written in a while because, well, nothing particularly exiting happened. But today was different. The day started off pretty much routine; we packed up our tents grabbed are backpacks, packed the rest on our pack mules. We were ready to go. We had to cross another swampy area, luckily we had long boots on, but it was still miserable. There's tons of wildlife and beautiful plants all around which kept me preoccupied most of the time. Unfortunately, we couldn't always see the animals due to the thickness of the trees. They were so thick that we rarely saw the sun, and yet it was still very hot.

As we were passing through this swampy area, I heard a noise. About twenty feet away I saw some bushes crumple down. Everyone stopped, I then realized I could here no animals making noise or even moving. My assistant (Lisa Branson) whispered, It must be a large predator. We heard the deafening roar. It was a Jaguar! Lisa, an animal expert, informed us, we should keep moving the Jaguar won't attack such a large group especially not in the day. So we continued on, we traveled for another hour or so then stopped to make camp.

It was very difficult to sleep, imagine being in a tent with about ten other people and its only supposed to have seven, its around 80 degrees Fahrenheit, and your in a sleeping bag to protect you from the bugs. Then add the fact that they all smell like sweat, and that the animals and bugs are annoyingly loud. That's pretty much our situation. Thankfully, tonight it was about 70 degrees, and there was no noise. That's when I realized something was wrong. A blood curdling scream rang through the camp site, followed by a loud roar, and a gunshot. I ran out to see what happened.

Mick told the story, Greg and I, were going to the bathroom when we heard this crunching noise and heavy footsteps. I reached for my pistol. I was trying to see what ever was out there, but I couldn't, Greg and I were close together, almost touching. We were going to run back to our tent, we were really freaked out. He said almost in tears. We turned around and I tripped, and my flashlight fell out of my belt. I stood up and whispered, to Greg that I had a flashlight. So I turned it on, that's when we screamed. Right in front of us were these two, large, glowing eyes, followed by a large spotted body, it was that Jaguar. We were so shocked we didn't react but the Jaguar did. It jumped at Greg swatting his head I think that killed him. Then I shot, somehow I hit the Jaguar and it ran away dragging Greg. It let off the loudest roar I've ever heard.

That's when realty hit Mick; his best friend was just killed and dragged off, in to the darkness. He must be in shock, Lisa said, as Mick just stood there eyes glazed over. Then he shook his head, and with anger in his eyes he looked at me, and said, we have to find that beast and kill it!

Lisa looked at him with an evil stare, "We won't kill any animal, we are in its territory, and it didn't really understand what it was doing," She said to Mick coldly. "Plus we would never find it, it could be anywhere."

"She's right we will never find it, but if we do I'll let you kill it Mick, it may not know what it did, but it killed a very good man and I won't let that slide." We all went back to our tents after that, no one slept.

June 26, 2008

The next morning was a grim one, no one wanted to talk. So we moved through the forest quietly, when a terrible smell hit me. Smells like something died, that's when, Alice, our plant specialist screamed and pointed. We all looked over to see a gruesome and very scary sight. It was the Jaguar, but it had a knife in its neck it had patches of fur missing. The rest of its fur was a dull gray. Its mouth was wide open and it revealed tons of jagged and serrated teeth that looked like broken glass. Next to it was Greg, his skin also very gray, his jaw hung open like it had been broken and there was bloody scratch marks all over him.

"It looks like he went down with a fight." Mick said sadly, looking away.

We spent the next half hour burying him and paying our last respects. Everyone was wondering why he and the Jaguar had looked so weird. An eerie silence hung around them.

June 27, 2008

Today was an exciting day but in a good way, we were all still pretty shaken up, but at least Greg got a proper burial. No one was talking much today either which is why it was really weird when I heard a bunch of talking off to my left. We found out after exploring a bit that there was a small tribe of people living there. They were very primitive, they lived close to a stream where they caught fish and got water. They lived in small mud and stick huts with lots of leaves packed with mud to make up the roof also making it water proof. They spoke a very old style of Spanish and luckily we had some translators. They were very nice and let us camp there. We asked if jaguars usually attacked people, they said no that was very odd. We also asked why the jaguar and Greg were gray they replied that they didn't know. They did one other thing for us, they said that soon the bugs would get even worse and they would bite more. So they taught is this trick of how to use a certain tree sap mixed with mud to become a very good repellent.

June 28, 2008

We had a small taste of hell today. As we were leaving we understood why we really needed this new repellent. Because about every few seconds it seemed like we were being bombed by an army of bugs. At about noon I decided that I could take no more, and started to put on the new repellent. Most of the people followed my example, but a few opted out saying they would rather be bit them smell like the repellent. Because man it was a terrible smell I can't even begin to describe it.

As soon as I had put it on I was instantly glad the bugs couldn't stand it and I was bitten no more. As we got closer to night and it started cooling down. A new type of bug came out, these bugs traveled in small packs of around five and there were only a few in a certain radius, these bugs actually seemed smart and territorial. We caught a few to examine them and found out they were a new species finally something good out of this expedition.

As we studied this new bug we found out that it was like a tic and a beetle because it was big and looked very similar to a beetle but it buried it's large head into its prey, injecting a poison paralyzing its victim then sucking there blood. The paralyzed victim would regain use of its body within an hour.

June 29, 2008

We studied this new species very carefully, and found something weird one of the five, whenever it attacked a victim the animal would become increasingly aggressive and would slowly turn gray, and there jaws would slowly get longer, they became zombie-like it seemed. "Just like Greg and the jaguar." Mick pointed out. He was still very shaken from his friend's death. Something I didn't like was going on and I intended to find out what it was.

July 2, 2008

Today Nick, one of our military experts sent here to protect us, was attacked by the tic beetles, which we now call Hell Bugs, he was one of the people who didn't were the repellent and he went off for a bathroom break, when we heard a scream, we ran to see what happened and found a group of six Hell Bugs, sucking his blood, one of the Hell Bugs we knew we had to do something fast. Kim, an entomologist or insect expert, took a lighter and burned the back side of each Hell Bug and just like a tic, they left. Nick became very sick.

July 3, 2008

We continue to care for Nick, Kim is trying to use her insect knowledge to come up with some kind of cure, but she is so far clueless as to what to do. Our doctors can only do so much without knowing what's going on. Lisa Branson and Kim West, have an idea that these are mutated tics and when normal tics inject you with there numbing spit so you can't feel the bite that these tics spit must be much more effective and there's some sort of disease they could give you. Nick stirred close to night and with a wild look in his eye attacked Jim, one of our doctors, Nick opened a severely elongated mouth and biting Jim. Jane, our nurse, injected Nick putting him back to sleep. Then grabbed Jim and yelled for help. We now have two patients. Lisa thinks we should grab a few of those Hell Bugs and get back to the United States, she thinks are loses aren't worth finding a new species. I disagree. We continue our search.