Chapter 9


Scott, looked around they had just taken a picture of the zombie, for OPS back at command. "Good thing you carry a camera, Shadow."

"Yep," Shadow said smiling.

"Let's move."

Boom, Tank blasted his shotgun. "RUN!" He yelled shooting once more.

Scott looked back to see a horrifying site, that stopped him in his tracks. Around fifty zombies were running through the streets and on the roof tops straight for them. The Shadow shot a small and short burst with his machine gun, snapping Scott out of his trance like fix on the zombies. Shaking his head, he shot and then started running.

Then to Scott's "great luck", he realized that Tank was falling behind he couldn't move as fast as they needed while carrying Larry. "We need a new plan; everyone put a grenade on the ground when I say then jump into that alley way up there." Scott said quickly evaluating the situation. They had another 40 feet to go before the alley they would jump into. The brick and metal of the surrounding buildings would protect them from the shrapnel. "Now!" He yelled setting his grenade down. Tank and The Shadow following his example Tim shot while they did this not having a grenade himself. They now had three seconds to make it into the alley way before they were torn to shreds like many of the zombies following them soon would be.

With two seconds left Scott, The Shadow, Tim, and Meds jumped to safety. One second left. "Come on Tank you can do it." Meds yelled. Boom the grenades exploded just as Tank jumped to safety.

Giving Tank a second to rest, they sat there breathing hard. "Let's go," Scott said. "This is our chance to get ahead of those zombies."

As they ran Tank became increasingly exhausted. Just as he was about to collapse, The Shadow reappeared around the next corner. How does he do that Tank thought to himself.

"Come over here I found a temporary safe area. Turning the corner, they walked for about another 30 feet and came to a home. "I checked it out its safe."

Looking around Scott found what he was looking for a fax machine.

The five zombies were almost on them, Michael shot killing three of them luckily he had gone shooting with his dad before. The zombies were so close that Michael could see there green spit as it spilled out there mouths. Boom, he shot at almost point blank range the bullet tearing through the zombie. Michael dove to the ground just as the other zombie reached him. Turning it attacked him on the ground. WHACK! Natalie hit it in the head with a long piece of metal that she had found on the ground. Michael then pointed the gun at its head closing his eyes he shot it.

"Oh my gosh, give us a brake!" Natalie yelled seeing dozens of zombies come pouring out of the buildings in front of them. "Run," she said already turning, to run pulling Ben along.

Michael reloaded the gun just as another zombie almost reached him. Taking aim, he shot the zombie, hitting its chest. Shooting again he hit the next zombie in the head, as it fell the rest just ran over it, it was soon lost in the large mass of zombies. Michael joined his siblings and started running as fast as he could.

"We're screwed." Ben said, as they looked to see zombies cutting off there escape. Zombies were now behind them and in front of them.

Thinking quickly Michael started running towards the ocean. Natalie and Ben following close behind. Making a snap decision Michael decided to run into the city, the zombies that were following them wouldn't expect that. Hopefully no more zombies decided it was dinner time.

"Ahhhh!" Natalie screamed as a zombie jumped at them from behind a car.

Turing Michael shot the pistol, missing completely. The zombie was now only ten feet away. Pulling the trigger Michael got off three more shots before diving out of the way, the zombie missing him by mere centimeters. Michael not realizing how fast these creatures actually were; wasted precious time by taking the time to aim to carefully. The zombie turned on him just as its claws came down to kill him. Boom, a shotgun went off blowing the zombie up right as its knife like nails came down. The shot blew the zombie away saving Michaels life.

The three siblings turned to see a man standing in the doorway of a gun shop shotgun in hand. Five others stood behind him, two of which were men the other three women. "Come with us and hurry, more are going to come." As he said this, they were attacked by five zombies. One of the zombies seconds away from decapitating the man who had saved them.

"Look out," Ben yelled, his face filled with terror.

The man dove forward, landing with a big oomph. The other people that were still inside the gun shop, started firing through the open door. The zombie that tried to kill the man that was on the ground was killed. The man got up firing at a zombie, then pushing Natalie, Michael and Ben towards the gun shop they ran for it before more zombies came. Inside the gun shop Michael looked around, guns were laying around loaded, ammo boxes lay scattered. The gun racks had been pushed up against the large glass windows. Shutting the door, they pushed a large cabinet against it. Parts of the windows were uncovered probably so they could see if there were any zombies and shoot through the holes.

"Good thing they have those small holes." Michael said, to Natalie pointing at one of the holes. "Otherwise they never would have seen us."

Swallowing down tears, she replied. "Yep Ben, a very good thing."

"Hi," the man who saved them said walking up to them. "Sorry I couldn't introduce myself before, my name is Mark. You guys hungry, it looks like you haven't eaten in a while."

"Thank you so much," Natalie said smiling, feeling safe for the first time in days.