By Keimei-chan

I saw him.

I saw his evil eyes as he ran toward my brother, a rock held tightly in his gloved hand.

I hesitated to go out and stop him, and my brother got killed as a consequence, blood pouring out of his new wound. I took out a knife and silently walked after the masked man who even dared to touch my beloved brother –without hesitation-.

I waited for what seemed to be an eternity, but finally he let his guard down. I didn't hesitate to kill him, I didn't hesitate to glare down at him, and I most certainly did not hesitate to smirk when I saw the pool of blood forming under his head.

My eyes snapped open with a deep breath and I was greeted with the normal pink ceiling of my room. 'It was all just…a dream.' I thought, but relief never washed down on me.

'Maybe I should tell mom and dad, ask them for advice' I thought, hesitating on standing up. I lay there, hesitating on looking anywhere but the ceiling, because I was afraid, afraid of my own dream. 'Why did I dream that?' I wondered to myself, 'Would I be even capable of doing such a thing?' I asked myself, and I could bet that my eyes held fear at the time.

Looking back on my previous life – or more like world of confusion – I decided that I wouldn't ask them. They would only laugh at me, like they always do when I cry over emotional things. Only then did I realize that I actually was crying, all because of that stupid nightmare. Or, they would maybe think of me as a crazy and troubled teen.

I slowly stood up from my bed and forced a smile to grace my lips. I walked with that stupid smile -which is fake, might I remind you – all they way to my parents room. Slowly, I reached for the doorknob, but then I heard a strange noise, and I hesitated. "They're asleep" I muttered to myself, "they'll only get angry if I wake them up." I finished, and I heard another strange noise. I stopped breathing as I inhaled a strange scent. I took a deep breath, inhaling more of the strange scent, which I decided to ignore, and calmed myself down. 'Probably a candle, and the noise must be them turning around in their sleep' I thought, attempting to comfort myself.

I always comfort myself, so it's nothing new, either.

I look out the window located in the living room and I thank my dad for deciding to build our house in a solitary hill, I'm a person who doesn't like too much noise.

'I'll go take a bath, and maybe I'll tell them about my dream afterwards' I thought with a smile. I was such a genius, they would be furious if I ever woke them up, but if I don't wake them up and don't tell them, then I avoid two things: them getting angry at me, and them thinking of me as a freak.

So I took a few steps forward, but I stopped once I heard something; the sound of footsteps followed by sound of someone looking for something in their…pockets?

'Shit,' I began my worried thought, 'better get the hell out of the front of their door before they find out I was here' I thought as I ran as quietly as possible toward the bathroom.

After a few minutes, I came out of the bathroom with a content sigh. As I dried myself with my favorite, brown colored towel, I thought I heard a noise of an opening window.

I shrugged it off as I quickly put my clothes on. Then, I ran over to my parents room eagerly. There was no way in hell I was going there to tell them about my dream, but they did say that we might be going to Sizzlers for lunch today. If they were already up, good, if they were still asleep…well, I'll just let them sleep and eat a can of sausages.

My smile soon turned into a look of fear as I stared down at the lifeless bodies of my parents. I hesitantly walked over to them, and I saw that the white sheets under them were now crimson, obviously from the blood that was pouring from their necks.

My gaze drifted to the open window next to their bed. I slowly and hesitantly walked over to it and looked outside; I realized that I was barely breathing because of my fear.

And there I saw him, a masked man running down the dirt road. He looked back and his eyes widened as he ran faster out of the crime scene. A blood covered rock was held tightly in his hand.

'His eyes…that same evil look…he…was the one from my dream' I realized, fear and anger welling up inside me.

I started crying, not only had I lost my parents, but…it was my fault that I had lost them.

If only I hadn't hesitated to go into their room, if only I had waked them up instead of lying motionless in my room for about fifteen minutes. It had been a damn vision, something from the heavens telling me to go wake my parents up, and of course, god had used a good reason, but I hesitated to go and ask for their damn advice…and now…because of me…their dead.

I'm alone now…my world of confusion is over, but it has been replaced by one of loneliness and grief.

I decided from there on that I would no longer hesitate…

but perhaps hesitation is a good thing, after all…

Author Note:

I'll let you guys imagine what happens next…

Hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing! Feedback and constructive criticism will be highly appreciated!