Author's Notes: I wrote this in under 5 minutes, and I'm pretty happy with it.

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The Wonder of the Moment

Every moment is new.
I've never lived this particular minute before,
Please pardon me if I make a mistake;
It's all just so new.

Tell me again, what is this moment?
It is the collection of the Past,
And the tensionous wait of the Future.
This moment is the never-ending Now!

The Now calls for your attention like nothing else;
It requires all your concentration.
Focus on it, and nothing else.
If you lose focus, you'll break it to pieces.

Come on, friend! Explore with me!
The great potential in the Present.
Don't worry about making mistakes,
They'll take care of themselves.

Let's get lost in the wonder of everything,
And try not to find ourselves too soon.
Everyone needs some time away to be lost,
Everyone needs even more time to truly be found again.

I swear, this moment is Newness itself!
No one has ever lived it before!
How wondrous is that fact?
Why didn't I see it before?