The Letter
by: L.Lazuli

To my Ever Dearest,
I know that this wouldn't happen,
Dreams such as mine are just plain impossible.
I am writing a letter to you in my head.
Of which I wouldn't ever dare send. Still--
Much more, you'd never ever read.

To my Ever Dearest,
Wishing you here with me,
Sharing nothing but your sweet, splendid smile;
However, due to unfortunate events,
You do not know me. And for the while,
All we have is just awkward silence.

Songs as sad as mine won't ever be sung,
After everything, it won't be said and done.
And even though you're only across the room,
I feel that you are miles and miles away.
A gap has given me this brilliant gloom
When will I find the right words to say--?

Enclosed in this letter,
That you cannot and will not read,
From the depths of my heart to yours,
Something that I shan't ever need:
The last piece of me worth having anymore.
Keep it, love it, break it or hurt it
But please, whatever you do, don't forget it.

To my Ever Dearest,
I've written this letter over and over.
However, it will forever be unsent.
It might not matter,
But here it is,
I am- in love- with you.

Yours eternally,