An old friend

An old friend
Or a stranger
Which are you now?

I love you still
Or I love who you were
But who you are?
I just don't know

I need help
Need someone I trust
And I'm turning to you now

Why am I here?
Standing on your doorstep
Do you even remember?
Those days we spent together

I mourn as we sit
In silence
Awkward and unsure

How did it happen?
When did it happen?
Does it grieve you too?

I hope it does
But how can I think that?
How can I wish this pain on you?

This is cruel
To both of us
Maybe it's best I leave

We've had our time
Now it's over
Is it time to move on?

I can see
No reason for it
Just the passing
Of the years

But it's clear I cannot
Turn to you
Talk to you
Or trust you

So I wish you