The answers in your heart

Now, how are you?

Your story is finished,

And in front of you

A very steep slope.

You feel alone

Without anyone to listen to you

To understand your situation

You should not give up,

And keep being you.

Follow your destiny

Because all the pain inside you

Should never interfere in your way

That way, you'll find out

That your whole story, every minute

Belongs only to you

But, if you are now

Sailing without reasons

In the ocean of questions

Believe in yourself

Listen to the silence,

Your heart will whisper the words to you

Look inside yourself and then

Try to reach the place your souls drives you

It's difficult to decide

What is the right thing, what should be done,

If your head is somewhere else.

Your pride traps you,

The nights that pain unveils

All your fears of making mistakes.

If you ever feel

Like you're only chasing the stars,

Don't give up.

Believe in yourself,

Listen to the silence,

Your heart will heal your wounds.

Look inside yourself and then

Try to fly where pain can't reach you

You won't fool yourself

If you listen closely

Open your arms and everything is possible

Every hand, every dream you want to have

Every one of us is waiting for you

With our hearts

Every time you doubt yourself,

Every time you don't know,

Listen to yourself

The silence in your heart has the answer.