A one shot about a spy from another dimension. EXTREMELY SHORT! The whole "spYder" concept introduced here might become a full novel, I dunno.

the dimensional spYder

Trixy was a strange girl. She rarely spoke, kept to herself, and had few friends. I was one of them. We had been friends since my parents had moved here when I was four. She had put a spider on my arm, and said "We will be best friends". People ask me why I'm still friends with her, but they don't understand. When she talks to you like THAT, you don't argue. And I admit, I really don't dislike her. Sure, she's a bit quirky, but she's a good person. Okay... I had a crush on her. Happy?

Anyway, Trixy and I were walking home from school when I began to steal myself to give her The Note. I was gonna ask her out. I tried making polite conversation, but she remained rigid, as always.

Sighing, I finally said, just as we reached my house, I said, "Here, read it when you get home" and gave her the note. Ignoring her perplexed look, I turned and ran into my house. Yes, I admit it, I ran.

Peering through my window, I watched her walk home. Feeling both scared and exhilarated, I went to my room, which faced towards the massive woods outside my house and unpacked.

Did I mention the massive woods?

Well, it seems that an entire boy scout troop went missing in there one summer, so everyone thinks it's haunted. Well, I shouldn't say the ENTIRE boy scout troop. They found one of them, blabbering about a spider beast, and he died after three days in the hospital. How? It's a mystery...

I love to just sit there as the sun sets, and watch the leaves move. But that night, I waited, watching Trixy's back yard, cell phone in hand, hoping she would say yes. It was around 9 O'clock that I saw her. Her paler than normal skin is easy to see in the dark. She ran into her parents shed, and grabbed some stuff, then ran down the path into the woods.

Now don't worry, I was busy at the time too. Worried about her, and my date with her, I quickly opened my window and jumped out. Being on the ground floor has some advantages, I suppose. I followed her silently, years of playing hide and seek with her in these woods helped.

After a time, she turned off the path and walked through the dense underbrush, and then she stepped onto another, hidden path. I followed, making as few noises as I could.

That's when I saw it. A large, circular contraption with flashing lights stood before me. A hole large enough for a bear to fit through took up the entire front. Trixy walked over and pressed a button. The hole began to glow brownish gold. With a loud hissing sound, a picture appeared on the "screen".

To describe it as hideous is an understatement. It's head was a disgusting parody of a humans, with four eyes, no ears, spiky hairs all over, two HUGE mandibles on either side of it's human mouth, and fat. Horribly fat. It's body, what I could see of it, anyway, was also obese, hairy, and resembled a spiders abdomen. In fact, when I saw the number of legs it had, I knew what it was.

It was some kind of horrible spider/human! I managed to keep myself from screaming, but barely.

Trixy bowed, and said, "Greetings master. I have little to report. The humans still appear to be an overall pathetic lot, but their weapons could destroy this planet. I do not advise taking over it."

The massively obese creature grunted. "Whatever. Continue with your observations. Now change! I despise looking at such a hideous creature."

Trixy sighed, and began to morph. Her torso and abdomen expanded, her limbs changed, and four new ones burst out of her sides. She grew two more eyes, and two of her teeth lengthened to become fangs.

This time, I did scream. Trixy whirled around and saw me. Her eyes widening in shock and anger, she hissed. I was probably saved by the Master saying,

"What was that scream, Tricorxy?"

Trixy turned back around and said, sweetly, "Just one of my experiments writhing in agony."

The Master smiled fondly. "That's my little girl! See? Torture is fun! Now, continue with your studies, and be careful of humans... what are they? Oh yeah, Teee Veees."

Trixy pasted a fake smile on her face. "Yes master." Turning the console off, she turned toward me slowly, morphing back into Trixy-Human as she did.

"Why, Mark? Why did you follow me?" She demanded.

"I just wanted to know where you were going." I squeaked.

"Curiosity killed the cat, Mark." She said. She continued walking towards me, and I was backed against a tree. Finally, her face was level with mine. She opened her mouth, and I expected her to eat me, but instead...

"Now what was that about a date?"

Authors Note:

Well, just a short one shot based slightly off a story I read once.