Mechanical Water
(Inspired by Samuel)

I threw my glass in rapid terror,
To what I had consumed.
Moments remained till my body became
A fibrous metal tomb.

What was swallowed solidified,
And to my innards fused
What was water but no more
Than grotesque, silver ooze.

The machines, they grow and manifest,
Into bodies and their souls.
The pollution of technology's wield
Is a purpose yet unknown.

Lungs hard'ning to a shallow pant,
As the nano-machines spread
Around my ribs to encase my heart
Like metal spider's webs.

They spindled up throughout my throat
From just the way they sank.
I was too concreted to disgorge
The wretched knives I drank.

I was merely a factory upon which
To reproduce and dine.
My organs simply were no more
Than fuel to their design.

From my throat did emanate
The sound of screaming steel.
Through my tongue did permeate
Aluminum sap congealed.

The life of death beneath my skin
Swarmed throughout my veins,
Pulsing sharply as I fell in
Resistance to the pain.

My stomach was a cauldron boiling,
Festering to the brim
With mangled flesh and metal; the machines
Had reached my skin

Am I even human now,
Or this masterpiece
Of merciless technology
That time will never cease?

My lips and pores began to bleed
As I began to crawl.
An only chance, I made my way
To the nearest wall.

My blood began to harden,
Fusing shut my lips.
The floor I touched began to graft
To my fingertips.

The iron sculpture of my arm
Reached out a heavy hand.
The welded palm set like an anchor,
Inhibited my plan.

My fingernails ripped from my skin
In attempt to pry-
Off the wall, an outlet plate.
A chance I had to try.

My heart still throbbed furiously,
A river yielding ice.
I searched the room with hasty gaze,
And grasped a near device.

My vitals contorted to wicked things
Seeking not to bend.
Instead I found a cord and freed it
From its stereo end.

To the wall, I plugged it in;
The other end I found,
Though paused to tear frozen lips,
To let myself bite down.

I would have screamed had not been I
Galvanized by pulse.
A feeding tube of electron flow
Made my limbs convulse.

With nerves too shredded to ever feel
The infinite seconds of white,
I could not move but vaguely grasped my
Slowly returning sight.

The electric sound deafened me
The cord lay beside my head.
Phantasms of aluminum blood
Tasted nerves undead.

What should have been lethal left me alive,
And gave to me a ruse,
With my defeat of the machines,
How long it would be true.