"A Quiet Ode"


The sunlight is dim during these dark, dismal days,

But someday soon you shall feel its rays.

Life is often hard; the future seems so bleak,

Yet there is reward for the unassuming meek.


Pushing in desks can be trying,

Being ignored can seem dull, 'tis true.

Then there's the fear of death or dying

And the oppressive weight of work to do.


But one day you will find some light.

Someday you'll feel alright,

But then shadows will come, cast by sorrow

And you'll once more dread tomorrow.


So I want you to know that your not alone.

You're not the only one to bear this load,

And although it may seem like a titanic stone,

There are others to help along this difficult road.


Although it seems an impossible task,

Help is there; you just have to ask.

Although the days are long, 'tis true,

There are plenty of good people like you.


So Cheer up! Life may be garbage soup, but sometimes garbage doesn't taste too bad! :)