"Two Parting Sonnets for my Love"


Thy beauty hath left me cursing,

And the maze of thy heart hath left me lost.

Thine eyes are so vexing and immersing,

And yet thine feelings are as cold as frost.

Thee seemed so close, so true, so near at heart,

Yet as love subsides all I see are lies,

And all I feel is hurt in speech and art,

Telling me mockingly just how love dies.

So here I stand lost in luster and light,

Struck with love both strong and convoluted,

Only to be met by a black, cold night,

And still I stand filled with love unsuited,

Unsuited for thee as could ever be,

Unsuited as thine feelings are for me.


I can still feel those burns left upon me,

Those black and stinging scars where fire once burned,

Touching memories with mediocrity

And feelings with a melancholy earned.

And I can still feel that curs├Ęd silence

That used to dwell betwixt us lover's both,

That seems to supersede all self-reliance

And fill it with our simple, broken oath.

But I can't feel the love I used to feel,

That love we spoke about beneath your tree

That love that gave me so much hope and joy,

Love that only I seemed to ever see,

Love to you that was only just a toy.

Where love once burned in such a true display,

Is your shadow where all the ashes lay.