I am an unswept floor
Picking up broken fragments of light
Letting their sound abbraze my skin
Breathing dark air through thick eyes

I am a concave mountain
Running from night terrors
If I get away nothing will change
I still won't get any of this right

But I'm far from these terrors
I stand in the hazy morning light
Of an unswept room, in a morning not my own
Directing my thoughts like a choir

I remember when I was your
Mon petite chou chou and I'd reply
Yes I like your cabbage too
And the leaves would laugh along

It felt smooth like my legs
Tasted salty yet calmly it moved
From upstairs to around your blonde hair
Now someday can I return there?

I want to be torn apart
For I am failing at this so hard
The screaming under my bed echoes
Leaving that iron smell of blood under my fingernails

"Jasmyne don't kill yourself" you said
God is with you Jas but only you call me that
He doesn't live in purple San Francisco
You don't have to worry about zip codes with Him

Jasmyne believes you, knows the truth
I'll have to wash my feet to get them unclean
Giraffes move into my vagina
Since what else is there to live there?