The human mind is either composed of logic or idealism.

Those humans who are too idealistic become ignorant,

thus they are merely hopeful fools.

The human emotions which are said to be from the heart

are in actuality sent from the mind.

So, if I were to remove your heart, you would simply die.

Despotic are humans.

Depraved are humans.

If one cannot accept that ugliness to humanity,

then one will never be able to find its beauty,

if such thing does exist in this decaying world.

The human world is drawing nearer to its end as we speak,

and we are the culprits of its destruction.

As if roses, all things that lived and thrived beautiful

will soon fall victim to the suspected hands of Departure.

If one cannot accept that genesis is marked by demise,

then one will never be able to find true salvation,

unable to cope with materialistic loss.

The human eyes are merely a mean of vision,

not a window to their soul, not a door to the great beyond.

They can only see for as long as they are prevailing.

But with what eye could true beauty be deciphered?

And with what truth would its principle stand by?

Beauty is not an art that we could practice so simply.

It is not a sport that would be easily put into play.