Eternity: Kiss X Kiss!

Introduction And Character Profiles

Members of Y-H.A.R.T

Yune Syuutsu – 14. Our main protagonist in this Eternity series. A girl who loves daydreaming and is a pretty quiet person. She is mostly cheerful, and she's not very good in either academic or sports. She's also pretty pure and gullible, and thus she can be easily deceived. Leader of Y-H.A.R.T.

Takuto Hoshimura- 14. A guy in the same class as Yune Syuutsu. He is pretty matured, and has a heart of gold. Assistant leader of Y-H.A.R.T. He also holds a passion for sketching like Yune, and aspires to be an artist in the future.

Kirmia Tess- 14. A friend of Yune Syuutsu. She's very bold and has the character of a female bully. However, she is still a nice person who cares a lot about her peers. She is often loggerhead with Ririsa Mahoko.

Jenna Arisawa- 14. Another friend of Yune Syuutsu. She's very smart, a paragon in every aspect. That pretty much makes her a geek, and she always stands up for justice. She's often the one who steps in and ends the altercation between Kirmia and Ririsa.

Ririsa Mahoko- 14. Another friend of Yune Syuutsu. She's the hyper girl who goes around ogling at hot guys. She's always positive, and she's pretty much a lout. She often gets into arguments with Kirmia Tess who she sometimes just cannot stand Kirmia being a little too violent on her.

Explanation: Y-H.A.R.T basically stands for, "Why (heart)". It means all of them in this group actually don't really understand about love. Initially, they wanted to have a simple group named, "H.E.A.R.T" after their names, be it first name or last name, but Yune was the odd one out, and thus everyone made her the leader of the group, added her initial up in front and soon created this name.


Princes (Doesn't go according to rank, sorry. The list is pretty random)

Ryou Takehiro- 14. Ranked the most popular guy in the school. He's a hyper and mischievous guy, who's also an attention-seeker, as he always comes up with wacky inventions that create a din, becoming the center of attention. He's also the white horse prince in almost every girl's dream, for he's also sweet, romantic, and has quite the looks.

Shinn Atsuka- 14. Ranked second most popular guy in the school. Shinn's the cold guy who abhors fan girls who always swarm up to his back. He's the hottest guy in the entire school, even defeating Ryou Takehiro and everyone else in this Prince group. He hardly talks, but when he does, it's only filled with menacing words that frighten you out of your wits. He seems to have an impenetrable heart, or is it so? He seems to be hiding a dark secret too...

Satoshi Katsuya- 14. He's in the Genius Class of this school, and he's ranked the fifth most popular guy in the school. Girls always swarm up to him whenever they meet any problems in their studies. He has the looks too, and that's what makes him all the more popular. He's a person that gets agitated easily. He also seems to have a special relationship with Yune Syuutsu...

Daisuke Akihiko- 15. He comes from an affluent family, and he enjoys flaunting his wealth to everyone in the whole wide world. He's a narcissistic and arrogant guy, and yet girls still swarm up to him because he's hot. Ranked third most popular guy in the school.

Fuuta Hideki- 15. Ranked fourth most popular guy in the school. Fuuta is basically a happy-go-lucky guy who is always seen smiling. He is very friendly, but he's also the one who gives Ryou Takehiro a few mischievous ideas. He's also very smart, and is a gifted pianist. He rarely gets angry, and treats all with respect, making him so amiable and popular among the girls.

Akira Seiichi- 14. He's ranked the sixth most popular guy in the school. Akira is your athletic type of girl, who devotes all of his time only in sports, and he doesn't even give a damn for his studies, and thus he practically fails each and every subject. He is friendly and cheerful, attracting him fan girls due to his superb sports' talents and his outward personality.


Maya Sanako- 14. She's one of the notorious bitches of the school. She loves to flirt, and is a cheerleader. She often picks on girls and acts like a total bully. She also comes from an affluent family, and also loves buying lots of stuffs to pamper her own self. She holds quite a bit of enmity for Y-H.A.R.T and most of her animosity is directed at Yune Syuutsu.

Emiho Tamaki- 14. She's a follower of Maya, and she just does what Maya does. Initially, she was a good and polite girl, but she was a loner, and Maya was the first person that befriended her, and thus she made up her mind to become a follower of Maya, and she does everything just to please her.

Chiaki Misayo- 14. She is one of the closest friends of Maya, and they spent their childhood together. She doesn't seem to like Emiho very much, because she thinks she's trying to tear the two of them together, that's why she's always trying to show off in front of Maya. That's why arguments always break out between her and Emiho Tamaki.

Full Summary: Yune Syuutsu is your average 14 year-old girl studying in a very ordinary Junior High school. She was planning to lead a completely average life- fall in love with someone, get good grades for her exams... Until a series of unexpected events happened and turned her world upside down. Magic and supernatural beings turn from fantasy to reality...

Author's Words: This is just a brief Character Profile. More shall be added as they are introduced in the story. This story is basically transferred over from my Quizilla account, for it's almost impossible for me to continue this story there, but I have a few fans for the older version of this story. Transferring this story over allowed me to edit this story into a better one from what is was previously. However, I want everyone to take note that the profile of Yune Syuutsu's family members shall not be added because I'm pretty lazy and they don't really have much of a role in the entire story except for the humor part.

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