April 17, 2007


My love for you grows everyday

With every word of endearment

With every 'I love you', my heart grows

It heals itself from heartbreak that happened over the years

I wish to see you

To hug you tightly and wrap myself in your embrace

To kiss you, receiving my 'first-kiss' from you

I'll save myself for you and only you

I'm now 16, and you've changed me when I met you

You changed me for the better and saved me

You saved me from my dark abyss in my mind and heart

You saved me from myself, from my depression

You changed me by giving me the love I've always dreamed for

You're my perfect love that I'll love no matter what

Even though we live far from each other, I'll always stay loyal and true to our love

I will ever ruin what we have because I love you so much

You're my first love that returns my feelings

Even though we live far from each other, I love you dearly

I promise to meet you someday, no matter how long it takes

I'm determined to feel your embrace, being consumed by your warmth

To feel your lips on mine, being consumed with love

To feel your breath on my neck, being close to you

To be with you for life, hopefully

I feel that we are meant for each other, two perfect souls

And now you can probably tell I'm a romantic

The kind to give you your favorite flowers and favorite chocolate on the first date

This is how much I love you Jenn

I feel we are meant to be together

I feel it's fate and our hearts that brought us to each other

I truly love you Jenn, I'm overwhelmed with love from you and it feel great

Now I understand the saying "I'm head over heals for…" because

Because that's how I feel every time I talk to you

I feel so close to you, and so thankful for your love

I'm glad we're in each other's life and heart

I'm so grateful for you, and your loving nature

I love you truly and completely, Jenn

I hope I'm not annoying you with this poem of love

I never get tired of telling you, 'I love you, Jenn'

And I hope you never get tired of hearing it from me

Because I will love you forever

And I'm hoping this isn't coming off too strong for you

And you helped me mend my broken heart

I love you so much, Jenn

You're my Angel of Love and Savior

And I know you love me, too

But I thought I should dedicate all my feelings for you into another poem meant for you, with you named specifically

It's a stronger poem with all my feelings of love for you

Jenn, I hope you know and realized how happy you've made me

I rarely am depressed anymore since the love you've given me

And being 16 means I'm closer to being able to see you

You've made me, what they say, "The happiest girl alive"
I love you Jenn, and I really mean it

I love you and I hope we get to know more about each other and will learn together

I love you Jenn

Noting can compare to your inner and outer beauty

I love you Jenn

And I always will love you

I will love you always, Jenn