Warning!! MxM and FxF. Graphic!!

Can Artemis deal with everything and still hide it from Gabriel?

Nobody, Baby.

Chapter 1: Relationships

Gabe's at it again... Artemis shook his head, hiding the blush with his sleek black emo hair. He watched as his brother bent down, oblivious to the stares in the general direction of his buttocks. Gabriel's was just so innocent and cute... I wish I could be like that. Artemis quickly stood, grabbing a bathroom pass. Damn him! If he only knew...

The mens bathroom was thankfully empty. Artemis sprawled across a seat in the stall.

"Fuck..." he glanced angrily at the bulge in his pants. It was all Gabriel's fault for wearing such tight jeans and walking with the little swish and..."Goddamnit!"

"Hey Art, you okay?" he froze. Gabe stood outside the stall, awaiting an answer. Maybe if I just stay quiet... but no such luck Gabriel was already in the next stall, using the toilet as a boost to climb over the stall's wall.

"Gabe, I might have been shittin' in here!!" he burst, although one look said he obviously wasn't.

"Uh-huh. With your 'secret' phobia" he did the stupid quotes with his fingers "of public bathrooms I doubt it. I'm just making sure you're not...you know..." he looked away, flushed with embarrassment.

"I'm fine okay? I just needed to go chill for a second." he moved, making room for Gabe to sit behind him on the tank. He rested his head between his twins sprawled legs, wishing he could enjoy it more. Gabriel was massaging his shoulder, whispering soothingly. While Gabriel was the one who got the most attention, Artemis got much of the unwanted attentions. Like from sleazy old guys and sexually frustrated school teachers and pissed-off cops and-

"Stop thinking about it." Gabriel's hands moved to his brother's hair, toying with the locks that exactly matched his own, down to the last snipped strand. Really the only difference in them was the tightness of clothing and Artemis had a ring of light brown around the pupils of his blue eyes. Gabriels, the same shocking blue, were purely one color. He really was beautiful...

The bell rang. With a simultaneous 'shit' they scrambled to get out the stall door, effectively wedging them in. A hilarious sight for anyone who came across them, a tempting sight for others. Fortunately Mr. Davis, having managed to stay unnoticed till then, restrained himself, quietly pulling Gabriel's arm while pushing against Artemis' chest. Unstuck and totally late, they rushed "thank you"s as they ran like hell out of the bathroom. Mr. Davis watched them go, smiling as Artemis looked back nervously.

- - - - - - - - -

The school was older, located on the outskirts of the city. Shitty orange lockers without padlocks, chipped paint walls and cracked tile floors. Back in the day this place was a real artwork of a school. Now that other schools with walls made of windows and four stories high were opening up right down the road what point was the in fixing this one? Despite the fact the half the kids in the town went there the school's funding was slowly shrinking. School lunches was really the only thing they put any money into. They had too, their own personal chef demanded proper nutrition for the students. As a result grade averages were better than a normal school might have. Go figure.

Andy sat by himself, glaring at his lunch tray. Mostly because there was nothing on it and he was still hungry as hell. Fortunately Fea brought huge lunches from home, always bringing a helping for Andy. Otherwise he'd whine and totally use it to his advantage. Without shame.

"Hey." Artemis plopped next to him, a forlorn look messing with his features "You seen Fea yet? I gotta ask her a question." he shifted, noting the widening crack in the window next to their table. Andy shrugged, flicking bits of meat sauce at the lone twin. Art growled, prepared to grab a plate of food himself and start an all-out war. Luckily Fea popped up just in time with Gabe at her elbow, obviously keeping people off her. Fea was your every-day beauty queen. Except she was a complete brainy geek. A total trecky with a body that allowed no arguments. Even straight chicks and gay boys had to admit she was fine. Her long dark hair and matching dark eyes helped. Full lips, orange highlights framing one side of her face, a cool little dragon tattoo adorning the end of her right, perfectly sculpted eyebrow. So watching her lug this cooler across the room with a little gay boy guarding her ass was, to say the least, hysterical. At least to Andy and Art, watching with fascination as she dropped the cooler unceremoniously on the table.

"Vegetarian lasagna with eggplant noodles." she said, no preamble. The others nodded, drooling. Her vegetarian dishes were something else, being a vegetarian herself. Andy asked why the large fucking cooler. She grinned. "I made three."

"Of...course you did." there were Andy's eyes, large as the table where they sat.

"Fea, I need to talk to you." Art hissed, grabbing her arm. She allowed him to pull her away, smiling reassuringly at the other two. He stopped outside the cafeteria's double doors.

"Mmm, what's up?"

"I'm getting worse. I honestly...I don't know what to do about this!" his pleading eyes caught her off guard. She shook her head, curly brown bits falling over her chocolate eyes.

"You can do what I suggested in the beginning. And…about the teachers-"

"What're you two doing in the hallway during lunch?" Mr. Davis interrupted, the image of a disappointed teacher questioning their favorite student.

"Oh, sorry sir." Fea quickly grasped Arts arm and yanked him back inside, completely shielding him from the teacher's view. She smiled sweetly, closing the door behind them. Mr. Davis sneered.

"Meddling little girl."

- - - - - - - - -

Two tins of lasagna were gone. It had literally been three minutes.

"Holy fuck. Did you stop to breathe?!" Fea shouted, almost physically pummeling Andy and Gabriel. "I made three things of that!! Three!! And now there is one left! What the fucking hell!!" and on and on. By the end the whole cafeteria had gone silent, staring at her gorgeous fury. Only one dared approach Fea, the health teacher Ms. Showne. She placed a calming hand on Fea's shoulder. Fea jumped, guiltily looking up at her through thick black lashes.

"Now Fea." she chuckled, as only a health teacher can "I'm sure it's just because your cooking is so good." she tucked a stray strand of her short red hair back.

"Yeah, I know. Sorry Cher - Ms. Showne."

"That's quite alright. I'm just afraid you may have scarred some freshman minds. You know I have to teach them in twenty minutes."

"Twenty minutes? Hey, before next period, could I talk with you?"

"Sure Fea, you can ask me anything. My door is always open!" she smiled.

"Not for long..." Fea muttered to herself mischievously, following the health teacher out the door.

- - - - - - - - -

"Ah...Fea...mmmnm..." Ms. Showne, Cheryll, covered her mouth to hide the noises. Fea looked up, licking her lips. she removed her hands from her teacher's pants, grinning. Cheryll leaned against the desk, wanting more but, as always, so guilty for dating a student. A FEMALE student at that.

"Cheryll..." Fea leaned forward, rubbing her thigh between Cheryll's legs, quickly undoing the buttons of her blouse. She slid her fingers beneath the lacy bra, expertly snapping it open. She leaned forward, licking a pert nipple teasingly.

"Oh...ah...Fea, seriously. I have...I-I have cl-class..."

"I'll just have to be quick then, huh?" she smiled, yanking down her teachers pressed slacks. They pooled at their feet, soon joined by fea skirt and top. She stood nearly naked, not a hint of a blush as she knelt before Cheryll, pressing kisses to the lean stomach, moving slowly downward, inserting her tongue in the navel for a second before moving on.

"Oh god, Fea!" Cheryll cried, leaning back. That mouth was just so skilled...so beautiful...

"Come here." Fea commanded, lying on the cool tiles. Cheryll followed, straddling her student uncertainly. A quick decision got rid of Fea's underclothing. Next was the rest of teachers clothing.

Fea moved, positioning their bodies so their legs fit together like a puzzle piece. Pleasure met pleasure as they moved together, clit against clit, bodies swaying in a frantic, brilliant dance. Cheryll came first, sighing loudly, whispering Fea's name louder and louder, riding out the warm waves that crashed through her groin and stomach. Fea followed, clutching the floor as she threw her head back, basking in the warm satisfaction that settled around her. She glanced at Cheryll.

"One hell of a sex-ed class." to which her teacher blushed, hugging her student close. Fea sighed, hating to be the one to remind them of reality. Class was starting in 5 minutes.

- - - - - - - - -

Artemis stared at the clock, waiting for Gabriel to get his ass to study hall. Yeah, so I can stare at it. He mentally slapped himself. You are such a pig. That didn't make it any less true.

"Art! Hey Art!" Mr. Davis stood in the doorway. "You have a call from home."

"Alright." he stood, following the teacher out. After rounding a bend he halted. "What's this really about. No one calls from home." there's no one TO call.

"So you caught me." Mr. Davis leaned closer "I've got a little proposal for you. You see, Gabriel is on the verge of failure in my class. Oh yes, he has a terrible grade. I fear he may not be able to save himself. Which means" he waggled a finger "no graduation. Your poor little brother will have to spend summer school with me, his personal tutor. Trust me, he'd learn a lot." a greasy smile slid onto his face.

"What the fuck do you want?" Art growled, fists clenched so tight his nails dug deep pits in his palms. A couple stated to bleed, allowing him some clarity of mind. Black mail, that's what this is. "Where." he choked. Mr. Davis smiled.

"Good boy, got it in one. It just so happens I have a free period. Follow me. " his superior smirk told Artemis this would not be the last time he would "just happen" to have a free period.

Teacher's gonna need a new excuse next time; no one ever calls from home.


I'm writing the next bit right now so it should be up soon I hope you enjoyed!!