Part 1

And there I was, lying on the most uncomfortable hospital bed in the world for the fifth time in only two months. Now you must be thinking that I'm a pretty unlucky person, but up until two months ago, the only time that I had ever been in the ER was when my mother gave birth to me. I had never broken a bone or gotten in a car accident or spilled hot coffee all over my lap. I was just a pretty lucky person in general, well at least until I started my two month long streak of ending up in the ER. But really, in my defense, two of the times were totally not my fault.

One time, my roommate, Avery, broke a mug on the floor of our kitchen…and left it there because she was late for work. Well I have to be in for my job a half an hour later than Avery so I wake up later than her. Lucky for me I stepped on a large chunk of the mug and ended up bleeding all over our just re-done, white kitchen floor. I ended up with 8 stitches on the bottom of my foot.

The next trip to the ER was, however, definitely my fault. I was in a rush one morning because my alarm had failed to go off. I had also stayed up late the night before so I needed a coffee kick that morning. Unfortunately, in my rush I had forgotten to close the top of my travel mug properly and I ended up with severe burns on my left leg. I also happened to ruin my favorite pair of shoes that morning.

Trip number 3 can also be considered my fault since after 24 years of being allergic to peanuts I still can't seem to read labels. My throat swelled shut in a matter of minutes. And the fourth trip to the ER was because I sliced my finger open chopping an onion while cooking a romantic dinner for my boyfriend…that night didn't end up the way I expected at all. He was none too pleased.

And now I was lying on an ER bed again because of something that was so not my fault at all. How was I supposed to know that some crazy person wouldn't know how to use their brakes at an intersection and blind-side me? At least that's what the nurse told me had happened. I really can't remember much about the accident except a lot of pain. Luckily I didn't have any broken bones, but I think I bumped my head pretty hard because everything was a bit fuzzy and finding my thoughts took longer than normal to process and get out.

A new doctor walked into the room with a nurse following closely behind him. He didn't look familiar, so I assumed he wasn't one of the ER doctors since I knew most of their faces at this point. In fact, many of them even knew my name. But damn, was this man attractive. I thought hot doctors were only for TV but he proved me wrong in an instant. Forget about McDreamy and McSteamy or whatever, this guy was sweltering hot. He was tall and extremely handsome with reddish brown hair and green eyes. A few freckles were sprinkled over his face that made him even more attractive. Too bad I was sitting there in a hospital gown looking disgusting…and too bad I had a boyfriend and really shouldn't be checking out my doctor.

"Hello Ms. Taylor. My name is Dr. Kelley. I was asked by your ER doctor to come down here and check you out." He walked over to a rolling chair and sat down in it. The nurse, who remained silent, started checking things on a computer. Dr. Kelley rolled over to me and cupped my eyes with his hands.

"You can call me Kate." I said after a few moments of silence, I really didn't like to be called Ms. Taylor. It made me feel old.

"Ms. Taylor, can you tell me how you're feeling?" He asked, completely disregarding what I had just said.

"I'm fine." I said simply. I really just needed to get to work so I needed to get out of there as quickly as possible. He broke his concentration and gave me a look.

"Ms. Taylor, lying won't help you get better." He said pointedly before he examined my pupils even further. I huffed and stayed silent for a moment, trying to organize my jumbled thoughts.

"My head hurts and I'm a little dizzy." I wanted to tell him more but the thoughts weren't coming well. "I keep trying to remember what exactly happened." He nodded and the nurse wrote down a few notes.

"Any nausea?" He asked as he grabbed a pen from the pocket on his white coat.

"A little I guess." My stomach definitely was feeling a little uneasy.

"Can you follow the pen with just your eyes." He began moving the pen up, down, left, and right. My head ached more as I tried to concentrate on the small moving object. "Alright, and if you could tell me the last thing you recall." He stood up and walked over to the nurse. He took my chart from her and wrote down a few more notes.

"My music was on pretty loudly, so maybe someone honked, but I can't remember. I'm not even sure why I looked right, but I did a split second before the car hit me." I said as I tried to remember anything I could.

"Do you remember the collision at all?" He asked, still writing.

"Maybe the initial impact, but maybe not even that. It all happened so fast." My face was scrunched up in thought, annoyed that I couldn't remember anything of importance.

"I understand, and what's the first thing you remember after waking up? Do you remember being on the ambulance?" He asked with his very official doctor voice that didn't tell me if I was answering the questions right or wrong.

"I think I remember being taken out of my car on a stretcher. I might have woken up for a second then. But then it's all blank until I woke up on this bed. I think I woke up just a little before you came down." My head was beginning to feel uncomfortable in its current position, so I decided to move. Suddenly I felt the weird feeling in my stomach increase and my vision blurred slightly, but I tried to ignore it. I desperately needed this man to sign my release form and send me on my way.

"They said you were in and out a lot on the ambulance." He commented before he walked back over to the chair and took a seat again.

"How long ago was the accident?" I asked, suddenly curious. Everything was so jumbled in my head; I was surprised that my words were even making sense.

"About an hour and a half." He answered.

"Jesus, that long? My boss is going to kill me." I tried to glance at the clock on the wall, but my eyes weren't allowing me to focus on the black and white blob. "Listen, I really need to get into work. My boss really just won't understand my being in the ER for the fifth time in only two months. She's not that forgiving. So if you could just sign that little paper that they always sign, I can be on my way."

"I did see that on your chart. How's your finger doing? That one was only a week and a half ago." He said with a smirk. "And in regards to you leaving, I'm certainly not going to sign a release form for you. You are in no condition to be leaving this hospital."

"My finger is doing swell thank you very much. And what is my condition?" I asked with an annoyed tone. I wouldn't usually be annoyed but all I could see was my boss, Marissa, yelling at me.

"Ms. Taylor…"

"Kate." I immediately cut him off.

"Ms. Taylor…"

"Must you always be so formal?"

"Yes, it's in my job description, so if you'll be so kind as to allow me to do my job…I believe that you asked me a question." He stared at me for a moment and my eyes tried desperately to focus on him. It was so unfair that I couldn't see his face more clearly…his beautiful face with the chiseled chin bones. "You have a severe concussion. Unfortunately, I can't sign your release form because it is hospital policy to keep concussion patients with us for at least 48 hours before we give them the option of being released. Though you may feel only slight effects now, with severe concussions the side effects may appear over time and become more serious. We need to monitor you closely to ensure your safety." He ended his speech and then looked at me. "Jennifer if you'd kindly take Ms. Taylor down to get an MRI and call me when the results are in. You can also take her up to her new room." Dr. Kelley stood and began walking out of the room.

"Question." I said before he had the chance to escape. He turned around on the balls of his feet and looked at me. "When do I get my phone call?" A smile broke out on his face and he laughed.

"This isn't jail, you can use the phone whenever you'd like to. But why don't you get the MRI first and then when you're settled in your new room make your calls?" The smile stayed on his face.

"Because then my boss might have an aneurism. I need to let her know where I am." My hand unconsciously traveled to my eyes and I placed my fingers over them. I was trying to ease the strain on my eyes that was resulting in my head aching even more.

"Then make your call now." He was silent for a moment before speaking again. "Are you feeling alright, Ms. Taylor?" I shook my head.

"My vision is blurry, it's bothering my head." I admitted.

"That's normal, don't worry. We'll give you something for the pain once you get upstairs. If it gets worse, let me know. Please don't hesitate to tell me how you're feeling. I won't know unless you tell me." He said with a soft, warm smile. He definitely had the bedside manner down.

"Okay." I said as my stomach flip-flopped and my breakfast threatened to make its way back up. Somehow, I repressed the feeling and removed my hand from my eyes. I shot Dr. Kelley a smile before he turned and walked out of the room. The nurse walked over to me and smiled gently.

"My name is Nurse Matthews, but you can just call me Jennifer." I liked her already.

"As long as you call me just Kate." I said with a smirk on my face.

"I think that can be arranged. Would you like me to get you your cell-phone so you can make a few calls before we go down for the MRI?" She asked warmly.

"Sounds good, thanks." I said before she exited the room and left me alone. My hand traveled to my eyes again and I tried to ease the pain that was radiating through my entire head. This was so the last thing that I needed to happen. Marissa was not going to be happy with me. And this time I wouldn't be able to be back at work for a few days…no, she was not going to be pleased at all.

My mind wandered to what my boyfriend was going to say. He was also getting annoyed with my lack of luck for the past few weeks. He had to pick me up from the hospital each time, which irritated him to no end. I suppose that if I were him, I'd be annoyed too. But would it really kill him to show a little compassion? It's not like I meant to end up in the ER all the time. In fact, I tried really hard to do the exact opposite. Ever since my first two incidents, I'd become much more careful and aware, but I was still a walking disaster.

But Charlie and I had a weird relationship…well maybe not that weird. I'm sure lots of people have far stranger relationships than Charlie and I, but I always imagined myself much happier in the love department than I was. Charlie and I had been together for years, ever since senior year of college, and now I'm 24. I think that we were much happier at the beginning of our relationship; at least I hope we were. I can't really remember because for the past three years it's been hell. I mean, I think I love him, but things should really just be better than they are. I, however, cannot seem to break up with him. God knows I've tried, but I think we're too used to each other and too used to having someone else there. I'm not even sure I know how to be single anymore. And I know that that is a horrible excuse…but it's true.

So I stay with Charlie regardless of being unhappy, and regardless of how many times Avery tells me that I can do better. As far as Charlie is concerned, we're going to get married soon…but I try to avoid that conversation at all costs. I could not marry Charlie Bennett.

My thoughts were interrupted when Jennifer reappeared at the door with my phone and purse in her hands.

"Thank you so much." I said with a smile. She placed my purse on an empty chair and then handed me my phone.

"It's not a problem at all. I'll leave you alone to make your calls. Press the red button if you need anything. I'll be back in a few minutes." She smiled warmly before exiting again. I promptly began my calls while trying desperately to ignore the feeling in my stomach.

48 hours later I was dressed in normal clothes, which Avery had kindly brought to the hospital for me during her many visits. I don't know what I'd do without her; she was an amazing friend and roommate. Marissa had been furious about my absence from work but finally begrudgingly told me that she understood and that I'd have to take vacation days for my days off. Charlie hadn't visited me once…he had been angry that I could be so stupid as to get blind-sided at an intersection. Why hadn't I seen the car, he asked. I didn't even answer...what a dumb question. Anyway, he had told me that he'd pick me up when I signed the release forms, and Dr. Kelley had just signed them for me even though he insisted that I should stay for another day.

I was still feeling the effects of the concussion, and was informed that I would for perhaps weeks. I had strict instructions from Dr. Kelley about what I had to do once I left the hospital. In fact, he was sitting in front of me rambling on about my instructions for the 3rd time.

"And if you start feeling anything different than what you've been experiencing, call me right away." He said with a stern look on his face.

"Got it." I nodded and smiled.

"I'm serious."

"More or less serious than you were the past three times?" I laughed before swinging my legs over the side of the bed.

"I'm just trying to make you understand the severity of your condition. You aren't cured just because I'm letting you leave." He insisted.

"I know. I understand…I'm just messing with you." I said with a smirk and he finally smiled. I had grown to really like Dr. Kelley in the past 48 hours. He was extremely caring and had a great sense of humor…sometimes. Jennifer had also been a great help and had made me feel at ease even when I was throwing up into a bucket.

"And don't think that you're walking out of here. Every patient has to leave in a wheelchair." Dr. Kelley added when he saw my intention of standing. I immediately rolled my eyes.

"That is so cliché."

"But it is the rule so I'm afraid you'll have to follow it." He got up from his chair and grabbed the release form for me to sign.

"It's fun to break the rules every once in a while…you should try it." Was I flirting with him?

"What makes you think that I don't break the rules sometimes?" He asked as he handed me the form. I signed them quickly and handed them back to him.

"You just don't seem like the type." I winked after I spoke…definitely flirting with him. But who could blame me really, he was so damn fine.

"I'm not sure you know my type, you don't even know my first name." He added pointedly.

Then Charlie walked in with a grimace on his otherwise attractive face. His short dark hair and chocolate eyes suited him perfectly. He came straight from work so he wore a dark suit with a tie that was loosened around his neck.

"You ready, Kate?" He was lingering near the entrance of the room. Dr. Kelley walked toward him.

"Hi, I'm Dr. Kelley, I've been looking after Ms. Taylor for the past two days." He stuck out his hand and Charlie shook it.

"Is she ready to go?" Charlie asked Dr. Kelley.

"Yes she is. Let me go get a wheel chair for her. I'll be right back." Dr. Kelley left the room and I smiled at Charlie.

"Thanks for picking me up." I said softly.

"I had to skip a meeting." I rolled my eyes but then smiled. He walked toward me.

"I really appreciate it." He sighed and then kissed me gently. He had some moments, be they few and far between, where he really was genuinely nice.

"Are you feeling better?" He asked with a bit of compassion in his voice.

"A bit." I answered with a nod.

"Well next time you should really be more aware of your surroundings." And the sweet moment was gone…he was back to his usual self.

"The accident wasn't my fault." I reminded him softly, my head was beginning to ache again; the medicine was wearing off.

"Well regardless, now you're without a car, how are you going to get to work? Marissa might kill you if you don't show up tomorrow." His voice was far from warm.

"I'm sure I'll be able to get a rental for now." I reasoned with him, not really wanting to start a fight in the hospital.

"That can be a huge hassle. I'll take care of it."

"No, I can go with Avery…don't worry about it." Knowing that he didn't really want to run that errand for me.

"Are you sure?" He asked as he looked around the room.

"Positive." I paused before I remembered what Dr. Kelley had told me about driving. "I'm not technically supposed to drive for a few more days. Dr. Kelley didn't think it'd be safe."

"Well how are you going to get to work?" He asked, annoyed.

"I'll figure something out." I answered softly, my eyes avoiding his gaze.

"Does that something involve me driving you. You know I go into work an hour before you do, it wouldn't even work out." I shook my head at my stupidity…I shouldn't have even told him about not being able to drive for a few days.

"Don't worry about it, forget that I even brought it up, okay?" God my head was aching.

"Where is that guy with your wheelchair?" Charlie asked after a moment of silence.

"Right here." Dr. Kelley said from the doorway, appearing from seemingly out of nowhere. I wondered how long he had been standing there…I hoped that he hadn't witnessed how amazing my relationship was. He wheeled in the chair and helped me into it.

"Well thank you for your help." I said to Dr. Kelley with a soft smile.

"It's not problem, take care of yourself."

"I will thanks, hopefully I won't see the inside of this place for a while." I laughed and I noticed that Charlie made a scoffing noise.

"See you around." Dr. Kelley said before he eyed Charlie closely and then left the room.

Charlie wheeled me out the hospital and took me home in silence. The entire drive I kept contemplating what Dr. Kelley's first name might be…






And there it is! The first part of my new story :-) I'm so excited for this one. This is the only part that I've written, but I really wanted to post it...So it might take a week or so to get the next part up.

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