I Won't Go Down

I Won't Go Down.

I am a simple man,

But I do the best I can,

I do what needs to be done,

But I always have fun.

I can't be broken,

Though always out spoken,

I don't really care,

But I have something to share:

I won't go down,

Without a fight,

In my life,

There is a light.

Never give in,

Never give up

Never let go.

The light in my life,

That's you by the way,

Because everyday,

I think of you,

I know you do too,

You're what I fight for,

You're all I hope for,

You're all I need,

You're all I see.

I know you can see,

The real me,

What I hide from others,

You bring out.

And because of you:

I won't go down today

After, I'll always say,

It's because of you I'm here,

And the promise of someday.

So now you know,

Why I am so,

Fixed on you,

It's damn well true,

How I feel!

You don't know it all,

How Empires rise and fall,

A little random I know,

And well you can show,

This to whoever,

And whenever,

Because I want them to know,

How much I love you.

And because of you,

I won't go down,

I can't frown,

I got a smile on my face,

Because of my favorite place,

Is where you are,

No matter how far.

It's you,

That keeps me going,

It's you,

That makes me feel like,

I won't go down today,

I love you,

And I thank you.