They never talk anymore.

It wasn't like it was his fault, really. It wasn't like they were dating or anything; she shuddered at the very thought. So he was completely entitled to have a girlfriend. And even she had to admit that it looked suspicious, that maybe if she and Nameless Girlfriend switched places, she would have been uncomfortable with her boyfriend being best friends with a girl, maybe not wanted them spending time together. Or maybe even just wanted to spend time with her boyfriend so much that he didn't have time for much else.

So really, she couldn't blame him, or even Nameless Girlfriend. It wasn't anyone's fault. It wasn't anyone's fault that she didn't know about New Girlfriend until she'd run into them at a restaurant and asked about Nameless Girlfriend. It wasn't anyone's fault that he'd gone on a vacation and she hadn't known about it until he didn't show up at school. It's not anyone's fault that they're barely friends now.

She kinda wishes that it was.

They never talk anymore.

He knew that it made him sound like the bad guy, but he really wasn't. It almost sounded like she was in love with him and jealous of his girlfriend or something; of course, he knew better. They just grew apart. People do that.

It was uncomfortable, talking about his girlfriend with a girl. It actually made sense to talk to her about his girlfriend, since she was not only his best friend, but a girl, so she supposedly had some sort of link to both of them, but it was weird. And he was spending so much time with his girlfriend, and later, with his new girlfriend, that he didn't spend as much time with his best friend. It wasn't his fault; they just didn't have as much to talk about anymore. And so he didn't tell her about it, when they broke up. He didn't consult her when he asked another girl out. He didn't talk to her about anything, really.

He kind of wishes that he did.