A little explanation before you read the rest. At my friend's birthday party, we played a few random games and one of them was "he said, she said". It basically where each person gets a piece of paper. The first person writes "insert guy's name met". the next person writes "insert girl's name at". the next person writes a location. the next person writes what he said. the next person writes what she said and the last person writes the conclusion. So... there's quite a few of them there for y'all... enjoy!

Sir Ulrich Von Lichtenstein met Anna at the hair salon.
He said, "Hi my name is Ulrich Von Lichtenstein. What's yours?"
She said, "How old are you?"
They got married on a hilltop and lived happily ever after…

Brad Paisley met Alice in Wonderland at the Ice Capades.
He said, "Excuse me, have I met you somewhere before?"
She said, "If I ever wanted to marry, I wouldn't marry a selfish, unfeeling pig like you!"
They parted ways, never to see each other until 5 years later when they met on Broadway and fell madly in love.

Josh Groban met Queen Elizabeth at the Black Knight's castle.
He said, "Keep it real, woman!"
She said, "O, good sir, you need a heavy coat!"
They then rode off into the sunset.

Spiderman met Alex at Grand Central Station.
He said, "Quit touching the window with your fingers!"
She said, "I can't wait to hike in the mountains!"
They lived happily ever after.

A lifeguard met Mrs. Hamilton in the sky parachuting down.
He said, "Good afternoon miss. Would you like me to help with those bags?"
She said, "You are the most stuck up person I've met!"
I hope I never get chicken pox again—they itch!

The muscle bound paratrooper met Cassandra at the Lake of Shining Waters.
He said: "Oh! I'm such a clutz, I didn't mean to run into you!"
She said, "No more sugar for you!"
Off they trooped to the movie theatre to see "the Jungle Book".

Jason Bourne met the wicked witch of the west at a paris coffee shop.
He said, "You are so selfish!"
She said, "Pardon me for asking, good sir, but have you had anything to drink this evening?"
Then they washed their hands and left.

Alfred Hitchcock met Grace at Starbucks.
He said, "You're pretty!"
She said, "It's truly wonderful weather. Shall we go swimming?"
They went and picked flowers.